How to Setup Google Play Developer Account for Company – Android Apps

We are living in a world where everything is a mobile application. It is very much important for anyone in the internet business to have a mobile app. We are no different. As we are planning to roll out a mobile app for our users, we are going through the process of setting up of Google Play Developer Account as a Company to publish Android Apps. In this article, we will review all of those with screenshots.

Step 1 : Select Business Account in Sign-up Screen

You need to URL and select “An Organization or Business ” as shown in below screenshot

If you do not have the two-factor authentication turned on, then you will be asked to turn on two-factor authentication. Also, you can switch accounts, if you are already logged in with another account.

Create Developer Account - Select Personal or Organization account types screen
Create Developer Account – Select Personal or Organization account types screen

Step 2 : Enter Details about Organization

You will be asked to fill out a wide range of details related to your organization. They would need to be completed. Below are the details they would ask. You need to fill all of these details and click on “Create and Pay” button as shown in below screenshot.

  • Developer Name
  • Organization name
  • Organization Address
  • Organization Phone Number
  • Organization Website
  • Contact Name
  • Contact email address
  • Contact Phone
  • At the end you need agree to terms and pay $25 USD one time fee as well.
Enter Details about the Organization, Contact Person
Enter Details about the Organization, Contact Person

Step 3 : Complete Payment of $25 USD

You will be asked to complete payment using Credit or Debit Card. You need to enter the Card Details, enter OTP as needed for confirmation and then pay the Fee

Step 4 : Confirmation of Account Creation, Verify ID

After that step, you would get confirmation that your account is created. But, this is not yet complete. Now on the screen you would see option to complete details to verify the account. It looks like below. You need to click on “Verify ID”

Verify your identity Screen
Verify your identity Screen

Step 5 : Verify ID – Upload Organization Documents

As it is an Organization Account, you would need to verify the Org details. Afte you click on Verify ID, you would get a screen that says you need to have someone from company who can submit the company documents and then you click on ” Begin Verification”, see below screenshot

Verify your Organization - Begin Verification Screen
Verify your Organization – Begin Verification Screen

Upload Organization Identity

You will now be asked to upload company documents in the next step. Some of the documents they would accept are listed below. See the screenshot below

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • GST registration certificate
  • VAT registration certificate
  • Society registration document
  • Trust deed
  • Partnership deed or agreement
  • Utility bill (Only if your business isn’t registered in India)
Upload Proof of organization
Upload Proof of organization

Add Organization Address, Organization Registration Number

You need to enter the Organization Address Information as show in below screenshot. Also, you need to upload the Organization Registration Number. If you are a private limited company, you would upload the Corporate Identification Number (CIN) as in below screenshot.

Enter Address and Corporate Registration Number
Enter Address and Corporate Registration Number

Add Authorized Representative Name, Address and Proofs

Next step you need to give the company’s representative’s name, and supporting proof documents as listed below and then add the address of the person as well. For Indian Companies, below are the documents. They don’t accept Aadhar Card as identity proof.

  • India passport
  • PAN card
  • Voter ID
  • Driver’s license

After that you would need to enter the address info, it looks like in below screenshot

Authorized Representative Identify and Address info

After you submit all these details you would get the confirmation telling that is Verification is in Progress as in below screen. You would also see the same in the play store screen as well.

Verification in Progress Screen
Verification in Progress Screen
ID Verification in Progress Screen

Step 6 : Aproval / Decision

If everything goes well, then you will get your account approved and then you can publish mobile app in Playstore.


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