Uber Malaysia Promo Codes – KL, JB, Penang, IPOH, Melaka, Kota Kinabalu

Updated : Dec 2017

Uber Malaysia Promo Codes LatestThis page will be updated regularly with Uber Malaysia Promo Codes. They will work across MY, including cities like KL ( Kuala Lumpur), JB ( Johor Bahru), Malacca City(Mealka), Penang, Ipoh, Kota Kinabalu,Seremban, etc.  As we have written in our Uber Malayais, KL Review, it is the best taxi service out there.  Our goal is to provide Uber codes from Uber Official site.

 Updates : Uber Accepts cash now in JB, Penang, Ipoh !

Uber Malaysia Promo Code – Dec  2017 : satheeshk2102ue

  • You can use the above promo code of for Penang and JB as well. Uber is picking up well in Penang and Johor Bahru and using the above promo code will help you get discount as first rider.

Expired Promo Codes – Do NOT Use the below.  

Below are expired codes from Uber so that people do NOT use it accidentally and get charged for the credit card.

  • Standard Charted Credit Card : If you use Standard Charted Credit card for Uber Rides, you get 20% Cash back. This is valid for 12 months from October 1st, 2016 to October 2017. It is applicable for your rides globally
  • The promo code INSANESAVINGS  entitles you to 7 FREE rides worth RM7 each, valid to be used for trips between 7am and 7pm, from 2 – 5 May 2017.
  • Use  RIDEHOMEWITHUBER  to get 18% Off for your 5 rides after first ride, when you take it between 4pm and 7 pm on Mon, Tue, Wed , when you take Uber the next week after sign-up. (Check Facebook Uber Reference)
  • Uber wants us to try new places, you can use the promo code UBERINSHAHALAM to enjoy 10% off your next 3 rides that start or end in Shah Alam.
  • Use Promo FREERIDES100 to enjoy RM4 for 25 rides until March 5, 2017
  • Decmeber 1 to 31st, 2016 : 10 to 20 % Discount, if you show your Uber receipt in Kota Kinabalu – It is accepted in Puppuccino Cafe,  Haus Cafe, Lucy’s Kitchen @ KGC, Hard Rock Cafe,  Joe Sun Food & Coffee Co, Paper Boat 
  • Uber launched in Seremban from December 1st, 2016
  • For August 2016, Uber has cut down night time prices by 15% for more users to use their service now in Malaysia.
  • Uber has NO minimum fare Until May 27th. There is automatic 20% cheaper fare applied until May 27th. This was announced by Uber on April 27th, indicating the same for 30 days.
  • Uber Cash Payment Pilot Promotion Ipoh  for 8 RM  : UBERIPOH118 B (Only for Ipoh Travel – Valid Till 10 April, 2016 )
  • Chinese New Year 2016 Special : Get 3 rides of 20 RM each, if you use ANGBAO as the promo code. Valid only during chinese new year season…
  •  You can get Uber Promo Code worth of 30 RM, if you Download CarList.My App Only for first time uber users and valid till Jan 31, 2016.  
  • TRYUBERINKL – 18 RM Code – NOT Working – Expired !
  • Some are claiming that they will get 70 RM when they use certain codes, that is all false. Beware of fraud.
  • Use the promo code UBERINTHEMORNJB or UBERINTHEMORNPG and ride with Uber, on X or XL, to win a month free of 10 RM rider on Uber. You need to take 2 rides in the morning, from 7am to 11am, to qualify to win a month’s worth of Uber. The winner will be announced on Friday, 20 November 2015.  ( Check Facebook Uber Reference)

Why do we care about Uber Malaysia Promo Codes ?

Well, we have been using Uber for quite some time and we truly believe that it has changed the way taxi industry work across the world, same is the case in Malaysia. Having a promo code from Uber will help many users like us try out the service and experience what we have experienced.

I have heard from some of my friends that Uber has charged them despite using a promo code. In all reality, Uber does not charge you, if you have used a right promo code. So, our goal is to update this page with current and expired  Uber Malaysia promo codes so that users do not get carried away by old promo codes and get to pay from their pocket.

Do you have any new updated promo codes ? Share as comment on this page…

Also, do indicate about expired promo codes so that we all dont burn fingers.

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  1. I love UBER. UBER has made my life easy and it is the best thing that ever happened. My experience with UBER drivers in Kajang was so satisfying. They are so punctual and so cekap. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi there, may I know how much is the above stated promo code “satheeshk2102ue”. I am a newly register user and yet to take the first ride. Is such promo code “satheeshk2102ue” good for first time user? Appreciate your advice.

  3. this is my first time using Uber Apps and this promo. How can i get a free ride this first time?

    i tried using UberfreeU16, it said already applied.

    • Nur,
      Maybe you have used someone else code or used the same email before to register. If it says applied, you will get a free ride. check under payments to see, if there is any free ride in the app.

  4. Hussein,
    Well, I am not sure, if you see English there or not…you can try that…if you cannot figure out a way, just delete the app and re-install the Uber App, it should start everything from scratch.

  5. I try to see Uber Malaysia promo but I Miss touched the language button then ITS appear other new language that I di not recognize .every time I repeat but still as appear the same things how can I fix it ,?

  6. Happy to hear. You can use the everyday promo codes above to get about 18% off for next 5 rides…Frankly, it is hard to get second time user promo codes as Uber does not always release many on that front… Nevertheless, we always keep looking for it and post it when available, do check back later as we keep the page up to date.


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