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  1. Your Review ! : We had a terrible exerience travelling on KKKL from KL to Singapore. The journey at 10 am with the driver very rude to the customers. Then we had to wait at the central bus terminal in KL to pick up customers at 10.30am. We waited for nearly one hour because the bus driver had to resolve an issue. The company had double booked two customers. It took them an hour before the bus moved.Then the bus dropped customers at Lavender at about 5 plus and then the journey continued to Kovan hub at 6 pm before it drove us to Katong Village at 7 pm. Can you imagine it took us 9 hours before we finally reached home. In fact the driver tried to discourage passengers alighting at Katong V to alight at Lavender and warn us otherwise it will be a long journey.
    We feel that the company should just focus on 2 stops not 3 stops as this means that customers will reach destination late. They should make it clear about their route and pick up/drop off points so that customers know exactly what time they will arrive. We have travelled KKKL many times and they were never punctual, rude drivers and rude counter staff. We tell ourselves this is the last time travelling on KKKL. For those who wish to take, beware, ask clearly the route and time of arrival at destination.

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