Yeobuild HomeRepair – Singapore Review

Today our washing machine was not working and as we did not know anyone, we did a google search and picked someone who came up on top of the list. We landed on the YeoBuild HomeRepiar Website that service customers in Singapore. Below is our experience and review.

This review is for the YeoBuild HomeRepair that is located at : website that is operated as and located at “YeoBuild Private Limited, 5000 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5, TechPlace 2 #02-10, Singapore 569870″

YeoBuild HomeRepair Service Review – Worst Service

We had washing machine issue, where the power would trip, if we plug in the washing machine. I called the customer service of YeoBuild HomeRepair and they talk nicely on phone and give me email with all the details of person visiting us. They have tracking of the person coming and everything, we get notification in SMS…This is all good, I was impressed with it, but it is all optics to bill more to customers…

Anyways, the guy comes in, tries to open the Washing Machine from back. He does not even plug anything in and check, he just goes by what we said and tells some story that it will trip…anyways, I said fine.. He tries to remove the back screws and pull it, it does not open…he pulls and pulls…finally he realizes he needs to remove other screws, which tells me that he has no experience… He says, I need to sign something acknowledgment of 40$ for transport fee, I said I will do it later, he insists and I signed it. He finally opens the top lid and visually sees it and says, I need to pay $350 for him to check further….He does not even do anything…Just visually he tells he has the experience and he think the circuitry is wrong… I was like what the f*** ? He says, that is company policy and he needs $350 to be paid to even check anything…. The washing machine costs $400 and he is giving me a quote for $350, I was like what the F?

The technician without doing any work, asked us $350…I could not stand it…I called their support, they said they stand by their technician. Overall, they were all about money not looking at Customer or trying to fix the issue. It was only MONEY ! They just cheat customers with nice website and customer service agent on phone to take the order. See Below the quote, it is crazy..

YeoBuild HomeRepair Singapore Review - Most expensive Quote given

Supervisor Calls – But same, that is their Policy to Charge

Supervisor calls me and says, it is their policy to ask to sign for $40 before staring work , it is protocol…I was like, we already agreed to pay, why again do it…she said sam thing…She was like they do surface check and then quoted…I said what ? I said opening the top lid and not even turning it on is not surface check….She was like, that is our policy. I asked the logic, what is the point of charging $350 for $400 washing machine, she was clue less…I told, if you care about customer, you should advice them to buy a new one, it is not worth repairing…..She also has no clue on how they work and no customer empathy…

YeoBuild HomeRepair Review – Our Take

Our take is, it is not about service, it is about customer ethics and minimum customer empathy. They are all about money and money and NO CUSTOMER empathy. Their technicians are useless and have NO expertise. They just bill and try to rip you. See below experiences on Google Maps. Except few, other are all fraud and made up. So, be careful. DO NOT take any services from them, they will rip you apart and cheat you.

YeoBuild HomeRepair Singapore Reviews on Google Maps, except few, most are made up.

What was your experience ? Share your thoughts.

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