Singapore MOH Scam Calls – Real Experience. Avoid Trap

Today morning at around 10:55 AM I got a call saying that it was a call from Singapore Ministry of health(MoH). The call actually comes from a number +65 9409 9489. As the number had +65 in front of it, I did pick up the call and then waited. Then it went to an automated machine asking for me to enter 1 for English and 9 for Chinese.

The message said, MOH in Singapore has repeatedly tried to contact me, but they could not get hold of me, so I should press a number and talk to a number. Also, the message said that it is related to submission of some documents for MoH. Firstly, I never got calls before and there was nothing I got in the physical postal mail. So, it sounded fishy.

I did not press anything and then I called the MOH Hotline at 1800-333-999. I selected options to speak to an agent related to COVID as that was the best option for me. In any case, the MoH agent took my name and contact info and told me the below and inform others as well.

MOH Guidance for Fake Calls

  • MoH never call from Automated Messaging or voice messaging kind of option.
  • MoH will always have a person speaking directly to the user.
  • MoH will not ask for any documents or financial information
  • If the number starts with +65, then do not pick it up as the number is a fake one. The +65 is added to make you feel the call is genuine, but it is fake.
  • usually a local call would not get that +65 in front.
  • So, never pick up any call or give any information and you can call the MoH hotline.

I heard some people have lost money and documents by fake MoH officers. Never entertain anything as such. If in doubt call MoH. You can read MoH clarifications website

What was your experience with fake calls claiming they are from MoH Singapore ? Share your inputs.


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