Aircel Pocket Internet 3G Data Card – Review

• When I moved to Bangalore , I needed a Data Card immediately and with a colleague’s advice, I opted for Aircel Data Card. The main reason being the fast speed in the area of C.V.Raman Nagar, Bangalore.

• I’ve been a loyal customer to Aircel, for the last two years and I must appreciate that for the promise that they made, they’ve delivered. The plan I chose was Rs 785, unlimited plan. Although it says unlimited there are some upper caps. In my case, the fast speeds were guaranteed till 7 or 8GB usage and after that there’ll be drop in speed.

• It’s a great resource for my regular, work from home office work and normal surfing on Laptop. For downloads and rich data transfer obviously its not the preferred choice and I use ACT Broadband for my desktop.

• Never had any major issues with disconnection or low speeds. As I recollect, I’m astonished that I didn’t file a single complaint in last two years !!! that should reflect their service.

• Prompt and fair billing is a positive. Never charged me anything more than Rs 785 although the actual billing, based on data usage sometimes touched over Rs 10,000.

• However, when you move out of their coverage area, it doesn’t work well. Within the city I could notice that it can’t be relied while moving. Also when I carried it to other places like Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), the speeds were pathetic.

• Customer Care: In the very initial days of getting the connection, I remember that the customer care professionals were lagging a lot in communication, understanding the queries and giving proper responses. Hopefully, its better now.

• My Data Card seems to be given with the alliance of Micromax. Usage is very simple, many of my colleagues could easily run it on their systems by doing a quick installation of software. After connecting to the Internet, a default web page opens from Micromax ( Although initially I tried to ignore it, slowly became a follower and like their amalgamation of various news articles. It’s a quick resource to get latest news.

• On the whole, its been a quite positive experience with Aircel Pocket Internet 3G Data Card service. Never had to think of an alternative. You may go for it, for the budget plans and if the coverage exists for your location !!!

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