Airtel 4G LTE Dongle – No device found error resolution

Issue: Sometimes after connecting Airtel 4G LTE Dongle, we might get ‘No device found’/’Device not detected’ error on Windows 7, although the device is properly connected and shows up under My Computer.

Resolution: After talking to the customer care technical support, the following steps resolved the issue for me:

Under My Computer –> Right Click on the device drive (You should see ‘Eject’ option’ –> Click on Eject –> Reconnect the device.

This time it should be able to detect the device.

When I checked with the support guy about why this issue occurs, the explanation I got was that, sometimes few batch jobs run in the background which cause the error.

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  1. Airtel 4g Usb dongle few day working properly. but today it is not connected. dongle searching network. not connected.


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