Airtel 4G LTE Dongle – No device found error resolution

Issue: Sometimes after connecting Airtel 4G LTE Dongle, we might get ‘No device found’/’Device not detected’ error on Windows 7, although the device is properly connected and shows up under My Computer.

Resolution: After talking to the customer care technical support, the following steps resolved the issue for me:

Under My Computer –> Right Click on the device drive (You should see ‘Eject’ option’ –> Click on Eject –> Reconnect the device.

This time it should be able to detect the device.

When I checked with the support guy about why this issue occurs, the explanation I got was that, sometimes few batch jobs run in the background which cause the error.


  1. Airtel 4g Usb dongle few day working properly. but today it is not connected. dongle searching network. not connected.


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