ALLOUT Liquid Mosquito Destroyer, Review

Q) How did you get introduced to Allout mosquito destroyer ?

Definitely from Television, thanks to the widespread publicity of Allout. Initially I was introduced to Mortein Mosquito Coil but its smell had adverse affect on me. Whenever I used them I suffered from strange cold and cough. Then we heard of Allout and many opined that it was working and we also gave a try.

Q) What do you like about Allout mosquito destroyer ?

1) It doesn’t have side effects on health. We don’t even feel it though it is on.

2) It works well on mosquitoes.

3) The refilling option.

4) Affordable price.

Q) Do you want to suggest anything on Allout mosquito destroyer ?

Off late the mosquitoes have gained immunity to Allout and now the power of Allout on them is diminishing. Soon Allout should counter attack this as mosquitoes are no longer afraid of it.

Q) Any final words about Allout mosquito destroyer ?

I appreciate the concept and design of Allout. For level one mosquitoes it is the ideal check.

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