Changi Airport Singapore Indian Food Options ?

Food is one of the most picky things in my life….In general Indians are very specific on the food they want. If I travel with my parents I always look for Indian food as well. I was looking for Indian Food in Tampines recently…it is the same case everywhere you travel. Especially airport, because you want to have some food before you board the flight or after you board the flight.  I have been visiting Changi Airport for quite sometime now, here are the Indian food options for you.

Indian Food in Changi Airport Before Passing through Immigration  – Public Area 

Well, it is very important, when someone comes with you to drop off you at the airport to have some food together…as the visitors cannot enter the immigration or inside the actual boarding area, you can only have food at the outside ticketing/ check-in counters area.  Of all the three terminals, Indian food is available in Terminal 2 Concourse/ ticketing area. It is Anand Bhavan, quite decent food ….only be prepared to wait in the long line as it is always swarmed with lots of Indian standing in line. Plan for at least 30 minutes to have food as the ordering itself would take you more time….This is the only place in Changi Airport…You have to come to Terminal 2. If you end up in Terminal 3, you can always take the train and come to T2 for food.

  • Open  24 hours
  • Tel : (65) 6299 4466

What are the Indian Food options inside Changi Airport – Transit or after Immigration ?

I used to travel quite a bit in the Southeast Asia and my transit is in Singapore…Most of the times, the food in the airline is not that great and I look for Indian food options inside the Airport , when in Transit.  Only someone, who clears the immigration or someone who is in transit can utilize this facilities.

Terminal 2 :  You have two Indian restaurants in Terminal 2.  First one is  Kaveri Vegetarian Restaurant and second one is  Chutney Marys. Both are very much close to each to each other in the same food court. It is close to the Airline Lounges area, where you have the 7 Eleven and other food options. You may find the price a little high because it is inside the airport…but, you at least have two choices.  Kaveri is more south Indian style and pure vegetarian food, unlike Chutney Marys is primarily north Indian style food options.

  • Kaveri Vegetarian Cuisine Timings  :  Opening Hours : 6.00am – 12.00am ,  Contact Tel : (65) 6545 4868
  • Chutney Mary : Opening Hours : 6.00am – 1.00am

Terminal 3 : You have only one Indian food option in T3, it is called Kaveri as well. Typical south Indian restaurant.  The food is decent. This restaurant is in the first floor of Terminal 3, you need to take the escalator and walk a little inside, until you pass the money exchange area.

Terminal 1 : Unfortunately, there is no Indian food available in Terminal 1. So, you would have to take the tram and get to T2 or T3 from T1 to get some Indian food.

Did I miss any option ?

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