Cheapest Bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru Malaysia – Best Option

I was inquiring many of my friend on how to go from Singapore to Johor Bahru aka JB.  Some suggested that I take the train, some suggested that I take the taxi, some suggested that I take the Singapore SBS bus, some suggested direct bus. Overall after researching and trying out all the options, below is my judgement on the best and cheapest way to go to Johor Bahru from Singapore. I will only cover the

What are the various bus options to go to Johor Bahru from Singapore ?

  • Option 1 ( Recommended Option )
    • You take Johore Express or Causeway Link Bus. This is from the Queens street Bus terminal. The biggest advantage of taking this bus is that, it will take you directly from Singapore to the Immigration check point at wood lands. NO stops in the middle. It goes via highway and takes about 45 min or less to the check point.
  • Option 2 ( Not Recommended Option)
    • You can take  SBS Transit Bus 170 from Queens Street Bus Terminal – The downside of this is that, it will stop at every stop on the way and takes a long time for you, if you are starting from the city. The approximate travel time could be over 90 minutes depending on traffic from Queens street. I do NOT recommend this option.  It only makes sense to take this if you are taking a bus from Wood Lands area.

What is the price of the ticket  from Singapore to Johor Bahru ?

If you take Johore Express or Causeway link, it costs you exactly  3 SGD and 30 cents from Singapore to Johor Bahru. If you are coming back, it will cost you 3 MYR and 30 cents. It is amazing how cheap you can travel from Singapore to JB.  If you take the Singapore’s SBS transit, it will cost you similar, they charge you by where you get down…so, if you get down at check point, it will be about 1.77 SGD.

Do I need any reservations ?  How does this work ?

There is NO need for any reservations. You can just walk in and stand in the line at the queens street bus terminal. Do NOT get driven away by the line, it is pretty normal to have a long line, so dont panic and take the 170 SBS transit bus, you will get delayed, if you take that. Just stand in line and pay for the ticket when your turn comes in and board the bus.  Make sure you carry exact change.

How to get to the Queens Street Bus Terminal to board bus from Singapore to Johor Bahru ?

The simplest and best way to get here is to take the MRT. You can take Green Line or Blue line and get down at Bugis MRT station. You should look for signs of exit A towards queens street. Ask some one, if you are not sure. Just exit out and walk in the parking lot towards your left, you will go to a junction and then keep walking past it, you can see it. Ask someone, you will be easily able to find it.


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