Farewell Party Idea

It was way back in 2003. We were supposed to bid Farewell to our seniors. Each branch hosts their own party. There used to be intense competition among different branches like CSE, ECE,EEE in organizing farewell in grandeur style. I never bothered about such tantrums as I knew that such things fetch nothing.

However, as I was the Class Representative of ECE branch I was forcefully pulled into this mess of organizing farewell party. I had no other way to escape and had to take it up. By then, couple of branches CSE, Mech had already finished their parties and were boasting of their success. There were many talents in those classes who could dance, sing and perform skits. It is a common thing to find no such people usually in ECE branches. Our class was no exception.

Some of the guys with whom I had cold war were enjoying the moment as it was quite obvious that if our show fails then the entire blame gets on to me. We were too busy then, with internals, academic exams, inter-college competitions, Annual day competitions, celebrations. There was very little time that we could spare on this. I could somehow arrange a class meeting to discuss the party. None of my classmates came forward to participate actively. Some could give suggestions as it is the most easy task to do. However some showed interest in doing mechanical work in organizing things like bringing mementos..etc stuff. I was relieved a bit as at least some help was visible.

Now the big concern of cultural events came into picture. None of my classmates were interested in performing anything. We had to manage, entertain our guests for 3 to 4 hours. Without this the party looks pale. Even upon repeated requests none volunteered for the cultural programs. Especially girls who used to resemble TV in high pitch volume suddenly shifted to silent mode. Then the D day came, it was around 10 AM that I still didn’t have a proper idea on how to kill the 3 hours. My skull was in search of skill to kill three odd hours.

One of my day scholar classmates came to our hostel room and even mocked at me saying that today you would be booked.

We were supposed to arrive at the party lot at 4 PM. It was 12 PM that I started thinking seriously on what can be done to escape from this bizarre situation. All of a sudden, something clicked in my mind. I was excited and pondered over it for a while. Gained confidence and started working on that.

It’s the idea of using, wasting…time just by scripting something on the audience itself. There were 80 students in total (40 Seniors and 40 Juniors). In those 3 years could gain some or other idea on each person. Anyhow we were supposed to gift the mementos to our seniors. So looked at the opportunity in this area. Developed an event where in instead of casually distributing the mementos, I’ve placed chits of seniors and juniors separately and each time a junior and senior are picked, The selected junior hands over the memento to his senior counterpart. The entertainment quotient was present in the way these people were called. After getting the chit, only I was knowing who the person is. Using some script writing skills could frame out funny one-liners on each person. Now based on the chit I used to scan my script and ask the audience to guess who the person is ?

My classmates were dumbstruck with this. None expected this. It was entertaining and was also carrying good element of suspense. I took a free hand on commenting and bringing out some dark secrets of my classmates which resulted in good humor. After a while, rest of my class were tensed as to what I would have written on them. Our HOD who usually sports an Angry Old Man look was bursting in laughter.

I could cut some good jokes on some of my friends. The best one came on when I said:

“The only girl who always wants to be a boy”

This single sentence brought unanimous answer from our entire class. She was on her toes and was ready to beat me to death. Fortunately I was at distance. There were some witty remarks on the back bench boys, those who peep less sleep more.

I was careful not to play pranks on my seniors and gave all good words. They too liked the compliments. All the victims were my classmates. They took it on a lighter vein as it was entertaining. The show was a big success. In no time we were running out of time. I got some great compliments from my HOD. He was thrilled !!! Some of my lecturers applauded the spontaneity and the punch lines on my classmates. One lecturer said that before the show he was assured of a big bang for our class from HOD and was amazed by the way we escaped it !!!

I could sense the feeling of conquering something when I looked into the eyes of other branch mates the next day. So this is how a small idea can help you in getting out of a big problem.

Farewell party which was initially Fear Well Party for me turned as a Fair Well one.

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