Hathway Cable TV Bangalore – Review

When I moved to Bangalore, one of the first things that I was inquiring with the tenant, whom I was replacing was about the Cable TV options. I was thinking of going with popular DTH services like Airtel, Tata Sky. The leaving tenant clarified that Hathway Cable service is the best option among the lot which offers many channels at a lesser price. I took the decision to try it and since then it has been more than 2 years that I’ve been a loyal customer of Hathway Cable service.

– Amazing variety of collection of channels for Rs 250 ! From News to Cartoons to Discovery to Movies to Sports…I would say Hathway is the best bet for such a less price. Earlier the price used to be Rs 200 only. Being a south indian family and having parents at home, Hathway covers almost all of our requirements. It provides most of the popular Telugu channels in Bangalore and we couldn’t ask for more. In short, Hathway is providing the traditional analog cable kind of service in digital form at almost the same price.

Because of the challenging pricing structure, it seems to be becoming really challenging to offer so many pay channels. So recently Hathway has been juggling with the channels. Remember the famous STAR network channels issue where STAR Sports featured ads saying that they are not responsible for Hathway blocking their channels due to negotiation issues. One recent change, they’ve stopped ZEE channels and started airing STAR sports to meet the demands of cricket fans !

– Easy installation: Except for the set-top box, didn’t have to go through the hassle of buying the dish equipment like antenna that’s usually required for DTH service. Even though we shifted house later with in Bangalore, we could reuse the set-top box and get the new connection without technical glitches.

– Although service interruptions happen once in a while but I could see that recovery time is quite good and even during heavy rains also there was better service when compared to other DTH services.

– With the current package of Rs 250/- the user doesn’t have any choice to choose channels. The onus is left to the Hathway provider on what channels can be included/excluded. Obviously, although they go with the best choice, it may not suit well with all of its subscribers.

– Cable operators: It’s a bit frustrating to deal with the local Hathway cable operators. As long as your service is running you would be fine, but if you need their help, it takes time to get your issue resolved. It happened with me about submission of my address proof details. My service was interrupted and had to follow-up, chase the local operator for the resolution.

Also, in the new location, I had to chase the local operator to get the installation done.

– I’ve heard from my friends that in this High Definition era, picture quality matters a lot and they believe that Airtel DTH, Tata Sky are much better than Hathway for ultimate resolution. As we are still using Sony WEGA CRT TV, we don’t see this as an issue and are quite comfortable with Hathway’s picture quality and never felt it to be a problem.

On the whole, it has been a good experience with Hathway Cable. Most of the channels that we usually look for are available in their coverage. If you are not very fancy about HD kind of options, Hathway would be a very good way to procure DTH services. Recommend it !


  1. Pathetic Customer Service and you guys make foll out of the customers.Its so irritating that i waited for four weeks to get a installation done and again was fooled saying at last there is no feasibility in your area.this is the worst customer service that i have ever seen and the executives think they are so smart that they transfer calls to their own peers and acknowledge as supervisors thinking we are dumb.You guys better shut down your services and i can name all the stupid executives who act smart.

  2. Hathway Service in Shampur Road is Worst getting a reconnection need to run ? from pillar to post. Think 100 times before getting this connection

  3. How u can write such a wrong and cheap article?!now every body knows hathway is not caring of costumers at all!! R u kidding me?! All channels r available? U r telling truth but I Fuck the liars ;^)

  4. Hi hathway team

    I have hathway set top box I want a connection in bommanahalli please provide a concern person number asap.

  5. fuck u chuts…its 14th january 2017….India vs England…there is absolutely no covergae since half match….the customer service number gets disconnected half way…(IVR )….call d local cable operator…mobiles switched off…u want the money…but service ZERO…..

  6. HI Poor customer support or customr fool making service.. You guys are making fool of customers, first we buy your connection and you ll be running behind us like a hungry dog and after that once we bought you make fool out of customer. How can my plan got expired and in 9 days when I am using internet to write office mails I can even use 40 mb in 9 days time. What your portal shows i dont give a damn to it. Now, I want compelte refund of the amout I have piad 9 days back and I will look for a better service provider. You guys are such a waste of money and time… I want you to make refund on below account no. 1108437697. and make sure this is done as soon as possible and take your boxes back that is fillin space. I hope you guys atleast have eyes to read not like Mr. Muzamil ahmed you supervisor who is such a blunt man and worthless guy to talk to and talking so mannerlessly. Teach manners to your supervisors first.

  7. This is a pathetic cable operator.

    Service is bad.

    90% of channels show a technical error message.

    I am going to shift to another cable operator as soon as my 6 month subscription is over.



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