Logitech Comfort Lapdesk Review – After using 4 years – Model N500

Logitech Comfort LapdeskMy dearest sister gifted me Logitech Comfort Lapdesk about 4 years ago and I still use it today and every day. I told my sister that this is the best gift that she has given me ever as I use it every day and makes me feel good. ┬áIt was my birthday gift, I have taken it to many places, including abroad, when I went on few months trips…it is just amazing. I have seen many other lapdesk by other brands and nothing comes close to it. Here is my review after using it for 4 years.

What are the good features of Logitech Comfort Lapdesk – N500 ?

  • It is very well designed to keep it on your lap. Usually, keeping a laptop directly on your lap hurts your body from the temperature it generates and some say it can decrease your potency level due to heat to your organs,…
  • It is very light weight and does not even feel that you have something like that on your lap
  • Its base is made of a very light material that feels comfortable and does not create heat like the typical sponge…it has pores, feels soft but does not get sweaty.
  • The top of the Lapdesk is nice with plastic and it has four rubber kind of bushes that you stick on the top that makes the laptop have some air space for the heat discharge
  • I like the way they have picked the shape, it comes at an angle so that you can see the screen well.
  • I have been using it for 4 years and it is does not have any sort of the breakage or anything as such…it is very durable, the plastic or fiber that they used is very durable and works great.

What can be improved to the lapdesk ?

  • I have always felt that the lapdesk is in great shape and they have used great material…it is almost perfectly done….One of the things that can be tweaked is the rubber bushes kind of heights that is attached on top, sometimes it feels like they are going to make the laptop slip. Maybe it can have some grip on the top so that the laptop sticks more to the surface.

After using it for so many years, I can tell you that Logitech has designed such a great product and it is flawless in my view. If you do not have one, you should consider buying one…You can use it while you sit on the sofa or on bed….

Did you use the Lapdesk by Logitech ? What is your experience with it ? Share your view.

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