NTUC Learning Hub at Bras Basah Rd – Process at Center – Review

Recently, I took my Google Associate Cloud Engineer Exam at NTUC Learning Hub located on Bras Basah Road in Singapore. It is basically a Kryterion designated center. I tried to call them few times for some logistics, but no one responded. So, I was not sure, how the center would look, what they will allow me to take inside, what are the facilities, etc. I thought it is good to cover all of those aspects for anyone taking the exam there. 

How is the Kryterion Test Center in NTUC Learning Hub ? 

It is a nice small test center with about 20 testing stations in the room. It was cold as the aircon was too cold, so wear full clothes, when you go there.  The chairs are Ok, not the best comfortable ones, normal chairs and if your exam is long you may not feel comfortable. It was very quitet. They will monitor you using Camera on the monitor and also the overall CCTV cameras. Overall, it is not a bad one. But, definitely can get better. Based on what I heard from my friends, it is better than other locations. 

What do you get for taking Exam in the Kryterion Exam center ?

You will be given papers and pen, if required for your exam. If not, you will not get anything. They will also give you a set of 3M Ear Pods to cancel the noise. It is the same one that you get in airplanes. 

What is the Exact Process at the Kryterion Test Center in NTUC Learning Hub, when you go for Taking Exam ?

You need to be there at least 15 min before the scheduled time. You can be there up to 30 min before the scheduled time. I was there like 45 min before, still they allowed me to do the paper work. When you report there, they will ask you to show the print out of the exam confirmation. You will need to read and sign a form that says they will record and monitor you during exam. After that they will give you a locker key to keep your stuff. They will tell you to come back like in 30 min before the actual start time of your exam. 

    They will ask you to switch off phone, remove electronic watches and put them in locker. Once you put all your stuff in locker, they will ask you to show your pockets, fold the full hands shirt, if you have it. Also, will ask you to take out shoes and check. Also, pull your pants slights to check, if you have anything there. Also, they will check your glasses to make sure you are not recording anything using it. Basically all they want to make sure is that you are not recording anything and you are not carrying anything to the exam as well. Once all is clear, they will let you in and your time starts. 

Do you get a locker to put in your stuff ? How big is it ?

Yes, you get a locker to put all your stuff. It is reasonably big…You can put your laptop bag in there, if you have it. So, nothing to worry. 
NTUC Learning Hub - Bras bash Road - Test Center - Locker Info

What is allowed inside the testing Center ?

They do NOT allow anything, you need to put everything out in the locker. They will give any paper and pen, if needed, otherwise, nothing is allowed. 

Is there any option for drinking Water in the NTUC Learning Hub Center ? 

Yes, there is a water fountain at the entrance of the exam center, you can drink water there. No food or drinks are allowed inside the exam center. There is a board that tells the same. 

Where is it located ?  How to get to NTUC Learning Hub on Bras Basah Road  – MRT ? 

It is at NTUC Trade House on Second and Third Floors. It is behind the SMU’s Adminstrative Building. The easiest way to get there is by taking MRT. You can take Blue Line at get down at Bencoolen Station, exit to the Bras Basah Rd, come up to street and walk towards the left…It is about 3 min walk.  If you are taking the Yellow Line, then you get down at Bras Bash Station and then come out…It is in NTUC trading House, there is one door to the right

Exact Address :  #02, 73 Bras Basah Rd, 01, 189556 

How is the parking for NTUC Learning Hub on Bras Basah Road ?

You can park at the NTUC Trading House. It is slightly expensive, but should be ok for few hours I guess…about 2.72$ per hour. 

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