REMAX DESIGN iPhone Case – Review – Silicon Material

When you buy a very nice phone, you always want to buy a nice cover that can protect it from all sorts of damages….But, when you go to the store, you will find the prices of those covers prohibitively Remax Design iPhone Caseexpensive.  If you were to own an iPhone and look for a cover for the same, you get nothing for less than 20 Dollars for a decent cover and there is no guarantee that it will be good.  Some of the high end ones are even expensive as well.  I tried few iPhone covers, but was not much happy. I was really looking for an iPhone cover that is value for my money, rather than just the brand name. Of course, Mochi and Apple iphone covers are branded, they are super nice and all, but I was not looking for such kind of them…I was looking for something that would give me value for money and also protect my phone. One of the days I was shopping and came across this REMAX Design Brand, I looked at it and it sounded very promising. I ended up buying one. Let me share my thoughts on the same.

What are things I like in Remax Design iPhone case – Silicon Material Cover ?

  • I paid about $10 for the cover and got a very good deal for the money.   It is not super expensive in my view. A good brand iphone case would cost you at least $20 or more.
  • The silicon material of the case is very soft and feels great in your hand
  • I dropped my iphone few times, luckily ( knock on wood 🙂 ) nothing happened, I guess the iPhone cover has protected me
  • The styles of the iPhone covers from Remax is very decent,  it comes in various transparent colors and I pikced a light grey one for my black color iphone and it fits well, does not feel that I have a phone case to my iPhone.
  • It is available in every other store that you see on the street, they are a chinese manufacturer and you can find all over the place…
  • The audio port and other cuts of the cover are done nicely that you can use your cables well. Usually, in my previous cases used, they used to be not so good and I cannot charge or use the headphones, etc. with this one, it is great.
  • The camera slot is open for you take pictures well, without taking the case.

What can be improved in the iPhone Remax Design Cases ?

  • I felt the silicon case that I bought was good, but some of the material can be made a little more softer, not sure it will cost money.
  • The edges of the iphone cover are a little slippery maybe they can made as rest of the case so that it does not slip…it may be made like the back of the phone…

Overall, I think it is a great iPhone case from REMAX Design and the value for money you get is nothing close to your other cases. I would always buy one….

Did you buy a Remax Design iPhone case ? What has been your experience ?

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