Review of Eclipse Mint Chewing Gum in US

I really like Eclipse Mint chewing gum.  It is one of the Wrigley’s chewing gum products.  Here are the few reasons why I like Eclipse Mint Chewing Gum

  • It gives fresh breath. Really awesome
  • No Sugar – Sugar free gum ( No calories ! )
  • It is very small. Not one of those big one
  • It lasts long….you can keep chewing one for about an hour or two. I usually use one for an hour and it still keeps my breath very good. I use this when I do salsa dancing. You do not want to have bad breath when you are dancing !
  • it is small size and fits in my pocket
  • It comes in variety of mint flavors like Peppermint,  freshmint, etc
  • It is cheaper relative to altoids and other stuff.

If you are a  mint person, You should try it  !

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