Sri Reddamma Thalli Temple, Andhra Pradesh – Review

How I got Introduced ?

When my wife was carrying, I heard about Reddamma Konda temple from my Dad. He mentioned that one of our distant cousins advised him to pray the Goddess to gift us a great child and post that we would visit her temple. My Dad had taken this as a mokku to the Goddess. The cousin who gave this suggestion has two splendid kids, one boy and a girl. They stay in a village and the baby girl is very beautiful and an instant winner in the village, with her cute expressions and antics. My cousin and his wife were staunch devotees of Reddamma Thalli and were gifted by these excellent children.

After we had our son, it has been in our to do list, to visit Reddamma Thalli temple. This year we visited the temple, cleared our mokku and I came to know many more things.


Firstly, the Goddess is very kind about gifting children. For the ones who have conceived can request her to bless their child. She is the saviour for childless couple. Who ever believes in her and follows the temple rituals will be gifted with spectacular children. If the baby is a girl, its said that they will be extremely beautiful.

The history of the temple goes by saying that ‘Reddamma’ used to be a very beautiful and intelligent young lady in that area, a well-known teenager to the entire village. One day to escape from the chase of a Rich person, who was after her, she reached the current temple area and shouted aloud at the sky to save her. The huge rocky mountain got split into two and after she entered, it got closed, hiding her over there. On sensing this, the person chasing her flew away. Later when her parents and well wishers came to the location, ‘Reddamma’ responded by voice and since then turned into a Goddess serving the wishes of the people.

Personal experiences:

I’ve one more personal experience to share. My younger sister’s first baby boy had a congenital heart complication post birth. It was a biggest shock of our lives. After trying several measures, the baby passed away when he was 6 months old. My sister had gone into deep depression and it had been a big challenge for my family to console her and bring back to normal life. Many elders consoled that some kids come to life to serve their past sins and leave instantly but will definitely come back to please their parents. After 1-1 and half years my sister had a new problem of infertility. The couple visited a renowned doctor for several months, spent lot of money and took medicines but nothing worked. She got vexed with these scientific procedures and came to visit us for a break. When she was about to return, some one reminded my father about Reddamma Thalli and advised to take my sister there. With in no time, everthing fell in place and my father took her to Reddamma Thalli temple. She performed the rituals with great interest and discipline. Also one of the few families of Reddamma Thalli’s clan descendants became very close to us. Very soon my sister conceived and it brought back the lost smiles. We all became more serious and developed more gratitude towards Reddamma Thalli. My sister was in regular touch with the family clan aunty and was carefully following her advice.

However as my sister was staying in Hyderabad and the temple is in Rayalaseema, she was finding it difficult to frequent the place. As per the aunty’s advise, she was supposed to visit the temple again and take the family medicine. But owing to the difficulty my sister was in dilemma and was pushing it. To her surprise, on one of her scans, the Doctor gave her a shock that the baby is not developing as per expectation. On knowing this, my sister got shell-shocked, pleaded Reddamma Thalli for the mistake and instantly visited her as per the rituals. Post that in the next scan, miraculously baby was back to normal growth and this boosted our belief on the Goddess by multi folds. Now my sister is due in a month and we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the baby.

The above incidents depict how we got attached to Reddamma Thalli in recent years.

Temple Location and other details:

The temple is situated in Cherlo Palli, near Gurram Konda, Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh . It is located between Madanapalli (Chittor District) and Rayachoty (Kadapa/Cuddapah District), at around 30-35 KMs from either sides. There’s a koneru in the premises and the lady seeking child should take a dip there, take rounds and stay in sastanga pranamam position in front of the deity in the stipulated area within the temple premises. Its said that many ladies get into deep sleep and also get dreams. This is a positive signal that the Goddess has gifted her the child. There’s a village near by and four families of the Reddamma Thalli’s clan reside there. These people provide the Ayurvedic medicine which is like sanjeevani for the ladies seeking child. They also give clear instructions on how to take the medicine and go about maternity. More details can be easily found near the temple.

Over night stay doesn’t seem to be possible and we’ll have to manage with near by towns. Many people plan their visit to be done with in a day and return on the same day itself.


In Chittoor district, Reddamma Konda temple is very famous as a go to destination for childless couple and is visited by many people from Bangalore as well. When I was ignorant of the Goddess and had heard of names of ‘Reddamma’ for normal youngsters I used to wonder, how come parents named their children with an off beat choice. I later realized that it’s all because of the gratitude that these parents pay towards this Goddess for the vested boon. Some parents have this as a mokku while they seek Reddamma Thalli to gift a child.


  1. Hi this is bindu..
    God bless
    I am having hormonal balance
    Can you tell the medical for that..
    I have completed 3 weeks process and all.but not getting any good news’s.
    God may be help..
    Please reply me faste…

  2. May i know how long we need to continue the medicine for infertility like PCOD issue? Do we need to take the medicine daily ? could you please advise. or can i have your contact to speak for a while? You are reply would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • Dear Sunil,

      Sorry for the late response. There are some family members of the Reddemma talli clan who are taking care of distributing the medicine. I’ve heard that they are very supportive. As far as I remember there are about 5-10 families residing in the near by village and I would suggest to reach out to them for guidance. If you can inquire near the temple, I believe it should not be hard to find them and seek help.


  3. It is very great experience to visit to redamma talli darshan, i am very happy by seeing the goddess of redamma talli, but i don’t know the story of talli, now i got it clear, every one has to visit that holy place.


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