Which blood type mosquitoes like ?

My wife and mom, follow ETV Cash program regularly. So with the elite TV program’s KT (knowledge transfer) :D, they told me recently that mosquitoes prefer O Blood group. Although, initially I felt it to be silly, with more thought and observation I found it to be quite true. The Blood group of my Mom, son and myself is O positive and we all share the common worry of mosquitoes. Whenever we are in a mosquito pro zone, we get the bites in no time. On the contrary, my wife’s blood group is B Positive and she never cribbed about mosquitoes. For my son, we struggle to take enough care, to keep the mosquitoes away. But they seem to very desperate, often risking lives to reach him 😛 May be they like kid’s tender blood more and its their meaty meal.

I used to wonder why nature/god has given additional privilege to O blood type by making it universal donor. Also, there are more people in this category so as a recipient too they face less challenges. But the other categories lose the race here and always carry the threat. This seemed to be an imbalance in nature and after coming to know the mosquito preference, now I realize that there’s always balance of nature for everything, it’s just that our ignorance is dominating at times !

So if you belong to O Blood Group, then beware of mosquitoes because they are always after you. If you fall into the other lucky categories you can play with the mosquito free world.


  1. I am B+ and i am also the favourite of mosquitoes, I think mosquitoes are attracted to the carbon dioxide your body is emiting. I always had a low Iron content in blood, I think the less iron/oxygen in blood means the more carbon dioxide emissions.

  2. I don’t know about that O group, but I have a B+ group and I am really a favourite of mosquitoes every where. Though my wife has the same blood group, and she has no complaints. The mosquitoes seem to find me out in a full group of friends… and I am sure there is something else which attracts them.


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