045 Reynolds Fine Carbure Ballpoint Pen – Review

This pen has been my favorite since childhood. It was the first pen which showed my handwriting beautiful. From then onwards I always used this Pen and improved my handwriting.

The classic design of the pen with Blue Cap/White Body and Black Cap/White Body has everlasting impression on majority of educated people. The refill also lasts longer. The design of the refill tip is very stylish. The pen is robust and it doesn’t break easily. There were many pens released as competitors to it. To name a few Rotomac, Montex..etc though they had their own share of attracting the market, there were regular/legacy users to Reynold. Its interesting to observe that many companies have shelved their Pens.

Another interesting thing about this pen is that its price is Rupees 5/- for so many years. It is surprising to see that the makers didn’t increase the price of this good even though the expenses on raw materials have increased in all sectors. This reminds me about Five Star Chocolate which is also priced Rs 5/- even today but the catch  in it is that they could reduce the quantity delivered in one piece. But it is not the case with Reynolds. I simply do not understand how they are able to deliver Reynolds pen at Rupees 5/- today.

Now a days five rupees has become a petty thing and many do not even go for a separate refill if it is over. I do not see people buying refills today. Everyone buys a new Pen itself. This would be a big benefit to the manufacturers. Another important selling point is the laziness of many Employees. I have observed that many people lose their pens at their Offices. The main reason is no one keeps track of their own pens. The people who lend Pen from others do not take the effort to remember and return it and eventually lose it somewhere. Interestingly this will increase the sales of the pens though. Laziness of the people is also a business opportunity !!!


  1. i like this pen a lot
    i think this pen must be used by every one in their
    is this pen also avilable now
    or it come with the name of 045 rorito?

  2. Do any body knows, when this pen came to market, the one i am referring is 045 with Blue cap and transparent blue color under cap body.

  3. This pen is revolution . I know before this pen a yellow brass tip
    pen was available which get stop
    any where N you have to rub pen at last page of notebook. This pen i got in 1992 when i was in 10th and change whole scenario.

  4. This pen is so handy n fabulous in itself…it has no cons..I keep packs of this always in all colors….best part is its low price n high quality..

  5. Nostalgia since childhood. No pen can compete. My all time favorite. Using it since 1997. Every refill has some unique number.
    And I don’t know what is that!

  6. i really love this pen. i remember when i was in class 1 my class teacher has gifted this pen.till now i am using this pen.
    so many good quality are there in this pen.it will never overflow.you can improve your writing in afordable price.
    it is also lookong very good.

    • Rishikant, Wow, so cute ! Many pens out there overflow and thats why I hate to use such pens…I have stuck to Reynols brand as well.


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