Taken(2008) Movie Review

I came to know about this movie from a friend who is an Action Movie Freak. As I was also interested in action movies he suggested me to watch this movie.

Taken is a good action film. It is all about an emotional father who has unbounded love for his daughter who is currently with his divorced wife. The protagonist (Liam Neeson) has served his nation in security department and has dedicated most part of his life to it. It is one of the reasons for separation with his wife.

Now he is retired from his profession and now his daugther is his only primary interest. He knows that his daughter wants to be a singer and so gifts her a Karoake on her birthday. Things take a sudden turn when his daughter requests him to grant her permisson to visit Paris. Even on resisting her request owing to security reasons as she is adamant on that he finally agrees but on some conditions.

Only after his daughter leaves the Country along with her friend he comes to know that she indeed lie him about her trip. Even then he excuses her and gives her all the instructions to be followed to be safe in that new country. All of a sudden, Human Trafficking goons are after these girls and they kidnap her.

Liam comes to know about this and warns the goons that he would kill them if they do not leave his daughter.Now starts a gripping and tough journey for Liam to trace the location of his Taken daughter. With his past experience he finds out some clues and slowly moves towards the target.

Meanwhile he destroys many of their hideouts and the Paris Police are also after him. Finally, just before the goons try to move his daughter to other Country via sea route, Liam finds them and kills all of them and rescues his loving daughter.

Though the story of the movie sounds simple as a story about a father rescuing his taken daughter, it is the screenplay that wins our hearts. Fast movement and creative ideas in finding the location are the major highpoints of the movie.

It is definitely a good watch on a DVD.

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