Is Aamir Khan’s PK movie based on Kevin Spacey’s K-PAX ?

Having known that Aamir Khan is playing the character of an alien in PK and after seeing the recent posters, I felt that this movie might have been inspired by Kevin Spacey’s K-PAX (2001). The latter is one of my favorite movies. Especially the way Kevin Spacey pulled off the interesting character quite effectively, mesmerized me. Out of all his movies that I watched (The Usual Suspects, 21 and few more), I would pick this one as his best work. The major highlight of K-PAX to me was the way protagonist convincingly answers all the queries of Psychiatrist and blows him away and others. After a while, the viewer also gets serious and can’t figure out if the hero┬áis truly an alien or an innocent person with psychic issues.

The title PK is also hinting that it could be similar to K-PAX (name of planet).

Anyways, there’s lot of potential in this subject and if it’s the base of PK, then it could be a wonderful watch. Lets wait and see !

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