Sagarlal Memorial hospital, Musheerabad, Hyderabad – Review

When my wife was carrying, as per rituals she went to her Mother’s place. As a first timer, I was quite nervous in finding the correct hospital for regular checkups and delivery. I inquired many options like Dr. Savitha Devi in Somajiguda, Fernandez Hospital etc. My In-Laws knew Sagarlal Memorial Hospital for a quite long time. One of our relatives also works there. This made our choice pretty easier in a city like Hyderabad which showers multiple options.


  • Sagarlal Memorial is quite an old hospital and so has earned good reputation with time. Doctor Suri Srimathi madam is a very senior gynecologist. She is definitely over 75 years if not over 80 years. On knowing this, initially I was skeptical if a person at such age can handle pregnant women. Somehow my wife and in-laws convinced me. All my doubts vanished after visiting her once. She is quite active for her age and is a devoted Doctor. Its very rare to find such dedicated doctors now a days. The Pediatrician Dr. Shyam Rao was also decent enough.

We were told that Dr. Srimathi madam mostly does Normal Delivery but in our case due to ‘Umbilical cord around the neck’ situation, C-Section was done by Srimathi Madam. I felt it was a judicious decision although some of my friends and family members commented that all Doctors are the same when it comes to delivery time.

I still remember the delivery day, when my relatives and I were anxiously waiting outside operation theater, Dr. Srimathi Madam and one more Doctor called me inside the operation theatre and showed my kid and umbilical cord around his neck and clarified me why they had to go for C-Section. Although my friends later commented that whats the guarantee that the cord was not placed by them but I was fully convinced on seeing the delight in Madam’s eyes in delivery a baby and handing over to the parents. I liked the responsibility they took in the entire process. Post delivery too, when we stayed for close to a week, Madam visited regularly and treated my wife very well. Kudos to Doctor Suri Srimathi Madam.

  • Insurance desk: As its a well established hospital, almost all Insurance coverages are accepted and the dedicated desk was also good in processing our case.
  • Affordable cost: When compared to other Corporate Hospitals, Sagarlal maternity charges are quite reasonable. It had cost us around 40k for a C-Section. I’ve observed people from lower middle class to upper middle class opting this Hospital over others. One of my friend’s family (Ex-MLA) who are quite rich, also chose this Hospital for their daughter’s delivery.
  • Nursing staff was quite good. There’s a Nursing College just beside the Hospital. So many staff members are on duty round the clock. Junior Nurses are also seen but are well accompanied by senior counter parts. Nebulization, initial vaccinations were all taken care quite efficiently.
  • Getting Date of Birth certificate from Municipality is quite easy, if the delivery is done over here.

Side lights:

  • The only thing that I heard against the Hospital was from people in our neighbor rooms. They were mentioning that unnecessarily children are put in Neo-natal care for silly reasons. As the charges for this unit are high, some were feeling that its a ploy to extract more money. We personally didn’t face this situation.
  • The hospital gives a missionary look and the facilities are decent enough. However when compared to Corporate hospitals its doesn’t provide sophisticated ambiance. Not sure if that really matters !
  • Apart from Doctor Srimathi madam, haven’t heard of any other famous/good Doctor. Some people were mentioning that only few Doctors over there are good.
  • Out Patient service is usually flooded with people with no proper management of Queues etc. My wife struggled with this, during the period of the pregnancy.
  • The Hospital is situated near R.T.C X Cross Roads and can be located easily while going towards Musheerabad and is in the lane just before Raja Theatre.

Sagarlal Memorial Hospital is on the lines of Missionary Hospital and is offering great medical service. Having Doctor Suri Srimathi madam over there is a bliss for many women ! Its an ideal hospital for maternity cases. People who prefer posh treatment may not like it but for a middle class family this is definitely a very good option.

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