Adsense Payment Options India – How to Setup ? Wire Transfer ?

If you have started blogging, placed Adsense and have reached over 10 USD revenue in your account, you will see a payment option enabled and option to add bank details. In general, Google Adsense has various payment options and it varies by country. Below are the full list.

  • Checks
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • EFT Via Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA)
  • Wire Transfer
  • Western Union Quick Cash

For getting paid in India, Google used to offer Checks option in the past, when they started and then introduced electronic payments via Wire Transfer. Now, if you sign-up for new Adsense account, you can only get paid in Wire Transfer. There are some confusions on the terminology, but for India the only payment option is Wire Transfer. You will need the below details for adding payment method.

  • Name on the Account
  • Bank Name in India
  • Account Number
  • NEFT Code
  • SWIFT Code

We have setup Adsense Payments with both ICICI and HDFC and were able to get money successfully into our banks, so below settings are based on our experience !

How to get paid with Bank Transfer for Adsense from Google – Guide :

You will see an alert like below in your Adsense Account if you go to Payments section or on the top itself. You will need to click on Add Payment Option
How to get Paid in India for Google Adsense Options and Bank Transfer

You will get a form like below to fill in the details.  Below info is for ICICI Bank.   But, if you have HDFC Bank in India, read  HDFC Adsense Payment Settings India Guide. I have used ICICI bank details and you can enter the same for SWIFT Code.

If you call your Bank, you will get two SWIFT Codes :
You need to use the second one ICICINBBNRI to get paid in INR. That’s about it, you do not need to enter anything on the Optional Intermediary Bank Details. Just leave them blank and Save.

Payment Option Adsense India SWIFT Code ICICI Bank

Once you save, you are all set. You can verify the same by visiting Payment settings and you will see something like below.
One last step is to click on Edit and select it as Primary, so that it will be used for Payment. You can add more Payment Options of Banks as well. You will also get an email from Google stating the you have a new Payment Method and primary payment method.
Primary Payment Method Adsense Pay India

That’ about it folks, Did I miss anything ?

For latest information, you should check Google Adsense Payment Options Page and Select India from there.