Google Adsense Payment Setup – HDFC Bank – India – Electronic Wire Transfer

Setting up Adsense Payment can be very tricky based on the payment bank in India as the SWFIT Code and others vary.  In any case, if you are using ICICI Bank for receiving payments, I suggest you read the blog article – How to Setup Payment for ICICI Bank Wire Transfer.  If you are planning to use HDFC, you use the below details.  We were able to use the below settings and get paid as well in our HDFC account, so it is our experience !

If you hit the threshold of 10 dollars, you will have option to enter the payment details. You will get paid, when you hit $100 USD.

The interface has been different in the past for payment, but this is how it looks in 2018. In Adsense, new interface, you need to select Payments option from the left hand navigation and you will see an option to add Payment Details like in below screenshot by clicking on “Add Payment Method”

Adsesne Setup Payment Option - India - HDFC Bank ICICI - EFT Online Transfer

You will get option like below once you click on Add Payment method.  You only need to enter the below details

  • Name on Bank Account : Your Name or the Organization name that is on the Bank Account
  • Bank Name : HDFC Bank
  • IFSC Code : IFSC Code for the branch, where your account was opened or currently tied to.
  • Account Number : Your account number on the HDFC Bank.

That’s about it.  NO Need to enter the  Intermediary Bank account info or details or FFC or FBO details.

HDFC Bank Payment Details Adsense SWIFT Code

ReferencesHDFC Bank Website for Details for WireTransfer 


  1. Hi, do i need to get the same exact matching name for my bank account ? If my adsense name is Example John Terry, does my bank account name need to be John Terry or I can use other bank account name?


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