Bahubali – Movie: 10 minute spikes

I’m one of the fortunate millions, who already watched ‘Bahubali’. I would have spent hundreds of hours in following news, articles, making videos, promo pics, trailers, interviews, reviews still Bahubali could exceed my expectations in many ways and I was spellbound at the end. I liked the film immensely and I’m yet to get over the hangover. Among the various known highlights, the major highlight of the movie for me is the watertight screenplay. Of course when its coming from the screenwriting gurus there’s definite certainity in this area and ‘Bahubali’ is built on this strong foundation.

Secret Sauce of Sure Success Rajamouli:

In an earlier interview while discussing the success mantra, SS Rajamouli had explained the 10 minute spike funda. What it means is, they ensure that there’s an emotional spike every 10 minutes in the movie. It could be action, comedy anything but which guarantees that audience get the wow factor and sustains their interest.

Here are the ten minute spikes from Bahubali – part 1, in my view:-

First Half:

  • A hand guarding a baby by swimming through a dangerous stream of water: It has been the display pic of SSR’s twitter account for many months. No wonder this is one of the major highlights of the movie and interestingly it comes in the opening sequence. What adds to the surprise is when you know who’s hand it is. I couldn’t guess the person and was thrilled by this scene.
  • Lifting Shiva’s idol: The setup for this scene and the elevation with which Sivudu character lifts the idol is mind blowing. We get to know the genius of Keeravani once again with amazing score. I could notice that there was pin drop silence in the theatre as audience were in shock, not understanding if what Sivudu is doing is correct and why the other characters are not stopping him. The way the scene finishes, satisfies all the queries with delight.
  • Climbing the impossible mountain for the heroine: With the perfect setup, now comes the time where the hero does the impossible. I was anticipating something similar to the shark fight in Chathrapathi and this scene serves the purpose.
  • Kattappa’s introduction: One of the strong characters in the movie is introduced with a fantastic confrontation with Aslam Khan who ends up becoming a great friend. The required elevation to Kattappa’s character is achieved by this scene.
  • Bhallaladeva’s introduction: There was lot of hype to the villain character and the introduction scene justifies why it is so. This scene makes audience wonder what sort of a man he is, who finishes a raging bull so effortlessly. There’s enough drama in the scene not to make it a one sided win.
  • Deva Sena’s dialogue to Kattappa: Deva Sena, the captive for 25 years, remains silent over several remarks of Bhallaladeva and co. When Kattappa pleads her to give a go ahead, doesn’t get an answer and gets frustrated, the way Deva Sena reacts is simply marvelous. For me this scene reminded ‘nuvvu nannu yem cheyyalevura’ from Arundhati as the emotions are of that level.
  • Bhallaladeva’s Birthday ceremony: The much touted 100 feet Gold Statue is unveild here and the build up in lifting it for establishment, Sivudu saving hundreds and how the chain reaction of Bahubali chant happens has been well executed. This matches the level of SSR Interval bangs.

Second half:

  • Kattappa meets Sivudu: The way Sivudu rescues Deva Sena is fine but in the long sequence what surprises us is the interesting way he punishes Bhallaladeva’s son and the following reaction from Kattappa which unravels the comeback of Bahubali.
  • Flashback kickoff: Sivagami’s character is the highlight, how she handles a tough situation.
  • Bahubali’s introduction: Best of Prabhas’s intros with amazing background score.
  • Search for Rajadrohi: The film mellows down probably intentional for a while, an item song and then picks up with how Bahubali handles the Rajadrohi and the secret corner of Bhallaladeva, his chance to get rid of Bahubali and what happens next.
  • Kalakeya world: Here comes the main villain for climax. Kalakeyas who are more of rakshasaas and their menacing leader Kalakeya, draw immediate attention. Good variety to the characterization has been brought with the creation of new language.
  • Kalakeya-Mahismathi War: There are numerous highlights in the war like Trishul vyuha, much awaited ‘Jai Mahishmati’ dialogue from Bahubali, Soldiers themselves as the fence to the entrance, Bhallaladeva’s distinct chariot with rotating blades, his designer weapon – a magnetic gadha, Bahubali’s intelligent move with inflammable cloth, his speech to demotivated army, the way he handles the situation when Kalakeya’s use the Mahishmati captives as cover, ultimately the usage of Lion’s face idol as weapon and the death sequence of Kalakeya.
  • Climax: Back from flashback, here is the ultimate twist of the movie which will blow your mind. So was mine, generating lot of curiosity for the second part. Many people were shell-shocked and discussing the twist as they walk out of the theater.

Final Words:

Hence all through the movie there were so many emotional spikes and thus it is another blockbuster from SS Rajamouli with the formula of 10 minute spikes !