Best Car Rental in Johor Bahru Checkpoint – Wahdah Review

One of the common things that you do when you live in a country like Singapore is travel to Malaysia. We looked up online and talked to many people regarding renting the car. There are many choices like Hertz, Avis, Eurocar and many local players. But, the most convenient one for anyone traveling from Singapore is something that you can pick up right away after you exit the checkpoint and you do not have to take another taxi or go to the airport. Also, the second thing you look at how good the cars are and the convenience and trust. We did a lot of research and figured out that the branded ones like Hertz, Avis, Eurocar and many were mostly available at the city center and you need go and pickup and also, their price was higher. Eventually we finalized Wahdah, which had great reviews on the Google maps.

Wahdah Rental Car Booking for Johor Bahru -Booking  Experience

It is very easy to book a car, all you need to do is follow below steps.

  • Go to :
  • select Pick up Location as “Caltex JB Sentral (JB Immigration) “ . This means that you will be able to pick up car as soon as you exit the immigration point at the Caltex Station.
  • Search for Cars or options on the site, it is very good ecommerce site.
  • Select the car, add additional drivers and insurance as needed.
  • Upload your driver’s license and then pay using your credit card.
    • If you have Indian License, it works too. You do not need Singapore License. Any valid country driving license would work fine.
    • If you have any Ringgit card, use it, otherwise use your credit or debit card, it will be deducted in SGD or USD by converting. The bill will be in Malaysian Ringgit.
  • Once done, you will get an email confirmation saying that they will review and come back
  • Within a day or less than that time, you will get an email confirmation and details stating that it is confirmed.
  • Towards the actual date of booking, you will get another email stating the Car Number Plate and the person, who will drop it off.
  • It is better that you have WhatsApp for easy calling the person. Otherwise, you will need to make call to Malaysian Number.
  • The easy thing to do is, yo pick up a Malaysian Sim Card right after you exit the JB Check point for 20 Ringgit and then use WhatsApp, it is way cheaper than buying Roaming on your phone.
  • The drivers are on time and they will deliver on time. What you can do is, you can call the guy on WhatsApp like 15 to 20 min before booking time, they will be there by the time.

Wahdah Rental Car  – Johor Bahru -Review

  • We got the car we booked and it was in good condition. It had a lot of miles. We took Innova as we felt it was safe, the condition of the car was good and we drove to KL, Genting, Cameroon Highlands, it worked well, no issues with Car.  
  • The driver who dropped off car was prompt and also polite, he was nice.
  • We called him before drop off time and he waited for us for a long time as we got lost, but he did not really show any frustration and eventually took the car from us and left.
  • You can fill the petrol at Caltex before you drop off car, so no need to worry.
  • We also got our 300 RM deposit back after a month or so, without any issues.
  • It was very professional experience and we highly recommend taking Wahadah Car Rental in Johor Bahru as it is very convenient for Singapore travelers.

What can be improved with Wahadh Car Rental in Johor Bahru ?

  • The biggest catch is dropping off car, you have multiple lanes and roads that enter Singapore and GPS will give directions to the checkpoint and due to all of the one ways, you will end up going to checkpoint. So, this is something you need to make sure you have a GPS Point for the Caltex. They could suggest the point as part of booking.
  • We got lost and entered singapore border, asked and came back, wasted almost 2 hours with the hassle. So, ensure, you have the Position of the Caltex marked in GPS or Google Maps so that you can put directions to that. Or ask the guy to send the location. Do not trust Google Maps without proper coordinates, you will be lost.
  • The could also send a car photo of what we will get, like the year and model, we only know the car type and model, but we do not get a picture of what you are actually getting and miles on it…would be nice to have it…

Overall, our experience with Wahdah was very good and we highly recommend anyone to rent it as it is cheaper and great service.  What has been your experience ?

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