Ezoic Ads for Website – Review. Better than Adsense, Media.net ?

Firstly, I have been using Adsense for a very long time over 8 years, started out on blogger.com and then moved to create my own website. I have also used Media.net for the last two years or so…I have tremendous amount of firsthand experience using and scaling my blog traffic from few visitors to over 15,000 visitors a day and seeing revenue from few dollars to few hundred dollars a day…I was approached by Ezoic late last year and they asked me try it for a week, I was skeptical, but I said, why not try it out. To my surprise, it was the best decision I have taken.  I have basically more than doubled or close to tripled my revenue that I was making with adsense. Maybe other may not see that much drastic experience with change in revenue, but definitely, it will double for sure…One key thing I looked at is that Ezoic is a certified Google Publishing partner and they want to have your site Google Adsense compliant as well.

How does Ezoic Ads Work ?  

Ezoic uses their platform which is based on machine learning to put up ads to users in different locations and test it out. The algorithms learn with more data or ad impressions and study the user behavior. I was very skeptical about it and told the account manager that I do not want to put more ads, she was very understanding and setup as per my requests and added as needed. But, there is nothing to panic, I have ad slots all over and system picks what combinations are best for the user experience and user.  At first, it may look weird to see ads all over, but over time it looks great and your ads will be reduced for users. My bounce rate did not really increase and overall user engagement did not fall as well, it was all fine….Basically, with Ezoic, you get access to their technology and secondly you get access to the Google Ad Network, which you do not get direct access with Adsense. With this option, you have more bidders looking for your ads and you get higher ad rates as well. Ezoic measures in the concept of EPMV, earnings per every 1000 visitors to see how your site is performing. It also splits the traffic in the beginning to benchmark against a baseline of adsense. The results for us were very impressive and we almost tripled our revenue.

How do you sign up for Ezoic  ?

At least in my case, I had an account manager to help me out with the setup, but there is nothing that is stopping you from signing up an account on Ezoic by yourself using the Ezoic Signup Link . In fact, all she did was send me the link and let me sign up by myself.

  • You need to enter your details of the website that you plan to use Ezoic on, then enter your personal details on how you want to get paid, then you can start and place ads. It is a guided process and should be straightforward.
  • If you are using Cloudflare, the process is very simple and with simple switch you will have ezoic up and running. Some may not like that idea, but it is fine.
  • Once you sign up, you will get an account manager to help you out with putting placeholders for ads in locations of your choice. You can use more ad placeholders so that system can learn and pickup. Of course, you can avoid few locations that you are not comfortable with for better UX.
  • Even, without an account manager, there is a chrome plugin and you can add these ad placeholder wherever you want.

Payments with Ezoic ?

Ezoic pays like Google. They pay for a months revenue in 30 days. If you get 1000 USD in Jan, they pay it in Feb end. They have all payment options like Bank transfer and for internationals, you have option to get remittance using Payoneer, who is a premium player for international payments. You can get it paid on your name or company name.  Payments were really on time an no issues.

Do Ezoic Charge Fee for ad platform or free ?

Ezoic says, their platform is free for 30 days, after that you have an option to pay 5% of your revenue up to 10,000 USD revenue or allow then to place a small ad on the website bottom for them to let us use their platform. I have let them place an ad in the bottom of the website, and it works fine. I do not see much of difference of having something in the bottom.

How is customer support experience ?

I have come across some of the best customer onboarding and support experience from Ezoic. My account manager was really good and help me with everything, every question she was patient and helped me out. We had few calls, and she was very supportive.  I get response within 24 hours and sometimes instantly for my questions, so best customer experience for publishers to be on it. They also helped me with other aspects like fixing payments info with Payoneer as well.

Comparing  Ezoic vs Adsense vs Media.net

Adsens is one of the most popular players in the industry and everyone recommends them…Media.net is the next best player in the Industry and they have good customer base as well.  Ezoic also has been there in the industry for sometime, I was doing all sorts of research before I picked the vendor, i read online, watch videos, etc to get a feel before I jumped in.  With Adsense you may be in control of the ads, but with ezoic, the system picks and does the combinations. It is like Autoads in Adsense, which is quite new. Having used all three, I recommend using Ezoic as it will give you more revenue. The only catch is that they want your users per month to be at least 10,000..if less, not sure how it works. We have much significant traffic, so it was not an issue.

Revenue Potential with Ezoic – Issues by Others ?

Some complained that they did not had good success with ezoic, the reason is their traffic I would say. If your traffic is from US, UK, and other developed economies, I would say you have a very high potential to double or triple your revenue.  Do not hesitate to give it a try. You can control how much of traffic to send to ezoic vs how much to send to Adsense, they have that option.

Overall, I would say, you should definitely give it a try with Ezoic and see it yourself. You can signup using Ezoic Signup Link .

What was your experience with Ezoic ?

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