How to Book TTD Seva Tickets Online – Lucky Dip Lottery Process ?

It used to be very hard to get seva tickets for common man in the past, you always needed some recommendation, but now things have changed and everyone has a chance for the same. It can be tricky and process is confusing. Below is the process that is for booking any of the Below TTD Seva Tickets online and the Electronic Lucky Dip Lottery Process.

  •  Thomala Seva
  • Archana Seva
  • Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu Seva
  • Suprabhatam Seva
  • Nijapada Darshanam.

Step 1 : Register Online Account at . You can check out How to Book TTD Darshan Tickets Online Tirumala for registration process and step by step guide.

Step 2 : Look for Seva Electronic Dip under Services as show below. You can also look under menu in services. 

Select Lucky Dip from Services

Step 3 : You will need agree to the terms and conditions of TTD for the Seva Dip. You need to check the box as indicated below in screenshot and hit continue.

Agree to the conditions in Electronic Dip

Step 4 : You will need to select the people applying for the Seva Electronic Dip.  You have an option to select either one or two people.  See Screenshots below. One you select the person or persons, then you can hit continue to go to next step.

Enter Details of the Piligrim Seva Lucky Dip Step

You have a choice to pick people from the master list as shown below.

Select from Master List of Piligrims

Step 5 : Now you have choice to select the Sevas you want to apply electronic dip or lottery for. You will have all the five sevas listed there like Thomala Seva, Archana, Astadal Pada Padmaradhanamu, Suprabhatam, Nijapada Darshanam.

Seva Selection Screens

If say you select one seva, you will get a pop up like below and you can select one day or all the days by selecting select all like below. Once you do that, you can continue to the next seva and select more.

Select all days in SevaAll days available for Some Sevas

Basically, you can apply for the electronic Lucky dip for all the all sevas and select everything. Some sevas run on some days and some run on everyday like Suprabhatam seva like above. You can choose all of these.  The trick is that they are run in below order for the Lottery or lucky dip.

  1. Thomala Seva 2.  Archana 3. Astadal Pada Padmaradhanamu 4. Suprabhatam 5. Nijapada Darshanam.

Once you select all, you can hit continue.

Select Continue after selecting Sevas


Step 6 : Summary of what you selected is displayed for you for your reference as preview. You can review and submit at this step

Preview of all the sevas that you have selected

Step 7 : Confirmation Displayed. You will have confirmation displayed like below. and you can check in transaction history as well. Also, you will be shown how many days left for electronic lucky dip.

Confiramtion of the Seva Dip TTD

Step 9 : Email Confirmation from TTDOnline. You will get an email confirmation from the TTD Online that your lucky dip is accepted and the confirmation number. It looks like below. You will be informed on the date of the dip and the results as well.

Confirmation of email on Seva Tickets

Step 8 : Display of the status on how many days left

Seva Dip Results Review


Once you are done with your process, you need to wait. You will be informed via email, if you get selected in the electronic lucky dip in any sevas. You will need to pay the respective amount for the confirmation.

Anything that I missed ?


  1. hi guys

    I am shakthi prasad from pondicherry. I am booking all the seva tickets. I have charged Rs.3000 per ticket for subrapatham ticket.I have a direct connection with Pondicherry counter centre in Nehru street. I give some bribe to them. They send so many peoples to my cyber cafe SAI BABA INTERNET which is located in Nehru street next to Rajendiras Men store. I have a great influence over there.If anybody want RS.2,00000 for abieshgam ticket.

  2. I have followed your steps 1 & 2 but in step 3 on the screen this message is displaying “The Next Seva Electronic DIP Registration timelines would be updated soon”.

    when can I expect this Seva Electronic DIP Registration process will commence?


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