New 2017 – How to Book TTD Rooms Online Tirumala, Tirupati

We have written an article on Booking TTD Rooms online in the Legacy Old System. Earlier this year, TTD Devasthanam has upgraded their TTD Online Accommodation Booking system, which is much nicer like the New TTD Darshan Tickets Booking System.  Below is the step by step guide.

Step 1: Register for Account with TTD Online System :   You will need an account on the TTD Online System. The first step is to go the new website at : and look for Sign Up under the Login as shown below

Login TTD Screen

After you hit sign up, you will be asked to fill up details in the form. The screen looks like below. you will need to fill up basic information and will need the below details to complete registration

  • Valid Email Address
  • Full Name, Date of Birth, Address
  • Valid Mobile Phone Number, they will send OTP to that
  • Digital Photo of the person registering
  • Proof that you plan to use any ONE of the following
    • Aadhar Card
    • Passport
    • Ration Card
    • Voter Card
    • Driving License

Details of Piligrim on Registration page

Step 2 : New TTD Online Account Activation – Email  :  The second step is to activate your newly registered TTD Online  account. You will get an automated email  to your email ID that you have entered during sign up process and you will need to click on that link to active your account.
Account activation email link
Step 3 : New TTD Online Account Activation – Mobile Number OTP :  You  will also receive OTP ( One time Password) as SMS to the mobile number you entered. You will need to enter that number in the online web system to complete registration. See below for the actual screenshots.
OTP Screen TTD Account Activation
Account Activation Cofirmation
Once you complete both the email and mobile number activations, you will get the message that “your account has been activated “.  It is very important to complete these steps, without these, you cannot do anything. Also, once you create these accounts, they are valid for future visits or bookings as well. I have used my same account over the last couple of years…You can even book for others.

Step 4 : User Login, The service Special Entry Darshan: You need to login you will see a dashboard like below screenshot with the possible services that can be chosen. You should choose Accommodation from the list. Alternatively you can also choose from the above menu . See below screenshots.
Select Accomodation on the TTD Dashboard for Room Booking
Choose Accommodation in TTD Online System

Step 5 : Select Accommodation Date, Type of Room, Check availability. :  You will be asked to select the location, date,  and number of people. See below screenshot with steps number you will need to do in order.

  • The new interface is good, it will show Green, if the rooms are available and it will also show how many rooms are available in that category. There are a wide range of rooms ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 1500.
  • If the color of the date is red, that means that rooms are not available for that dates.  if green, then you can book rooms. On some days only some rooms are available, some are not because they may be overbooked.   If blue color for a date means, that rooms are not released for those dates.
  • Depending on what time you will check-in into the room, you will need to select that slot. One is from early morning from 12 AM ( after midnight ) to 12 NOON and Second Slot is from 12 Noon to 12 Mid Night.
  • You can book for a maximum of 6 people. One key note, one person cannot get a room !
  • You can only book room for ONE DAY only. You cannot extend the room. You will get a pop up for the same.

How to Select Rooms, Check availability and Type of Rooms in TTD Online Website

Step 6 : Confirm Primary  Piligrim Details :  You will need to confirm the primary Piligirm’s details from your group. Pay attention to phone numbers, proof, etc. Very important for verification and confirmation of the room. You will have the option to change the proof or anything, if you need to now.
Confirmation of User Details - TTD Online Room Booking

Step 7 : Select the Payment Option : You will be given an option to verify again and select the payment option.  You will see a screen like below. You will need to choose a payment option. Both are very much same, just one payment is processed by Andhra Bank, other one is by ICICI bank.  I chose Andhra Bank, as it never failed and I had bad experience with ICICI bank.Payment Options for TTD Online Room Booking Accomodation Visa Netbanking

Step 8 : Payment Details – Net Banking, Cards, etc:  In this step, you will asked to select one of the payment methods listed and proceed further. I chose NetBanking and it was seamless. It should work for any option as it is done by BillDesk, which is very reliable.  Your bank related screens will appear once you chose the bank under netbanking. You will go through payment process related to the bank and then you will be redirected to the TTD website.Payment Options for TTD Online Accommodation Booking

Step 9 : Confirmation :  If your payment is successful, you will get the confirmation with booking reference number and you will have an option to print as well like in Below Screenshot. You should print it then and there itself as PDF or physical copy. I suggest that you should save it as PDF. If you miss, no worries, you can see it under the transactions.Confirmation Accommodation Booking TTD Online

Step 10 : Missed to Print or Reprint Accommodation Receipts for TTD Accommodation : Additional option to print the confirmation and tickets under Transaction history. It will always be there. Not to worry. See below.
Reprint TTD Accommodation Receipt online for Room Booking

Did I miss anything ? Do you have any questions ?

Note : We do NOT provide any services around bookings for Accommodation or Darshan. The above guide is to help you book rooms or accommodation on your own.   Beware of cheating ! You can do it on your own, do not pay anyone.


  1. Your Comment *we r 6 person.we need a room..we ll come to tirupati on 29/12/18 to 31/12/18 for 3 days..I live in for 2 room.

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  3. We live in US and are planning to visit the temple in a couple of months to stay there for a week. we have kids age 2 and 4. With them, it is difficult to vacate room every 24 hours. I see cottages and suites available there in Tirumala. Is there a way we can book them for a week?

  4. Hi sir this is Ajay 11.8.2017 me and my friends came to tirumala we have already booking accommodation to my friend name and using adhar card but my friend not came to tirumala how to use the facility for accommodation please help clear the doubt

  5. sir, we(15 pilgrims) arrival at Renigunta at 21.00 pm. on 24/oct/2017 (1) will i get bus service to Renigunta to Tirupati (2) If we made online booking for accommodation what check-in-time slote 00.00 to 11.59AM or 12.00ap to 00)to be select!!
    (3) will the extends accommodation for one day if necessary!!(other option for it)

  6. Hi Kumar,

    You did a pretty good job, explaining how to book accommodation in Tirumala, online.
    “Booking”, is only half the job, the main half of course.
    The next step, is to get allotment once you reach the place.
    It would greatly help, if you can elaborate the article, to include where to report, to get Room Allotment (for Online Bookings).

  7. Room stay in hours is 12 hours only? I want to book it for 24 hours is there any other option to book it for 24 hours?


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