Browser Redirect – One More Step Please Complete…How to Fix ?

I have spent quite a bit of time trying to fix this issue when you get the below error as in screenshot in browser. Basically, it is very annoying.

One More StepĀ 

Please complete the security check to access


Cloud Flare One more Step

What is the issue with asking “One More Step Please complete Security Check to access ….” ?

The biggest issue with this pop up or browser redirect asking you to complete captcha continuously is that your IP is infected with some DDoS related bot or there is something in your browser that is causing a DDoS attack and Cloudflare is trying to stop that by asking you to fill in a captcha. It is ok, if you do it once in a while, but can get very annoying when it asks for every site you visit.

What can you do to fix the One More step Browser error ?

Below are few solutions that you can try to get fixed. I have tried all of them and the last one got me fixed. But some said online that one of these fixed

  • Clear Cache : Clear your Cache for the past 7 days to remove all cookies or anything that is tracked by cookies.
  • Anti – Virus Scan : Install and scan your computer for virus. You can use any of the free trial ones, if you do not have one like McAfee, etc.
  • Restart your Modem and router : If you are at home, you can restart the modem and router, to get it fixed, so that you may get new IP. Also, this may not work for everyone to get IP as it is the ISP that decides this. Some have tried turning modem and router for 8 hours and then tried, it worked, they got a new IP
  • Call your ISP/ Internet Provider and ask for New IP : You can call you internet service provider to ask them to regenerate a new IP for you. This is what I had to do to fix my issues. I got a new IP and all the redirects are gone.
    • What the internet providerĀ  told me is to turn off router and modem for 4 min.
    • Then remove the LAN cable from Modem and re-insert, also, remove the LAN cable from Router and re-insert
    • Now turn on the power for modem and router.
    • This gave me new IP address.

it can be very frustrating with the issue that I described. They say on the browser re-direct to install a chrome plugin, I tried that as well, but it is not good enough. You should fix the issue rather than a round about or band aid.

How did you solve the Cloudflare issue of re-direct ? Share your thoughts ?


  1. I called Apple. It is caused by an app that attaches to your profile. Once we figured that out we looked at the apps on my user profile. There was an app called “smart App” that I believe came from a shopping app that I downloaded that provides kickbacks for purchases once I removed that app the issue was gone. Now it may be under another name on your system. they are cameoflaging themselfs showing cloudflare on the screens. Here are the steps I recommend.
    1, Clear your cache
    2. sign out of your browser
    3. create a new test user sign back in under the test user and see if you receive the ‘one more step message”
    2. If not go back to your main profile and search most recent installed apps.
    3. start deleting them one by one and testing after each deletion.

    If you recently downloaded a shopping app I would start with that one.


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