Cinemax Multiplex Theaters Kompally – Timings, Review

Cinemax Multiplex Kompally is situated in Hyderabad Suburbs and it is one of the newer facilities in Hyderabad. Here is our review.

Cineplanet Multiplex Kompally

Q) How did you get introduced to Cinemax Multiplex at Kompally ?

We live in the KPHP area and always want to movie in a nice theater. We tried to book tickets many times for new release movies in many other multiplexes and failed miserably. Finally, we thought of giving a shot at Cinemax Multiplex at Kompally, we got the tickets and now we always go to Kompally for any new movies.

Q) What do you like about the theaters in multiplex at Kompally Cinemax ?

The movie theaters in the Cinemax complex in Kompally are very new. I would say they are very good and on par with the other multiplexes in Hyderabad like Prasad’s, InOrbit, Cinemax Banjarahills or BigCinema in Ameerpet.  The sound system is very good. The seats are very well maintained and they turn on the A/C as well. They even put in some room freshener in the A/C so that it does not stink.

Price of ticket is very reasonable, it is about 80 rupees for the top class they have. You usually pay about 150 rupees for the same in other theaters.

Food and Snack Options at Cinemax Kompally :

  • They have regular pop corn machines
  • Vegetable puffs, Chicken puffs, Samosa, Coffee machines
  • Spring rolls, Chips, Sweet Corn
  • Pizza option, fruit salad.
  • What are the show timings of Cinemax Move theaters at Kompally ?

    It varies by the movie. But below are the general timings for the new release movies in the screen 1.

  • 10:00 AM
  • 1:05 PM
  • 4:10 PM
  • 7:15 PM
  • 10:20 PM
  • Q) Do you want to suggest anything on Cinemax at Kompally ?

Nothing specific, it is very important to maintain the quality as the theater ages.  The restrooms are very decent, but they can be made a little more clean with good fragrance and working dryers.

Q) Any final words about Multiplex at Kompally ?

Overall, it is a great multiplex and we always enjoyed it. We prefer to go to this place as we get the tickets for any new release movies and also enjoy the good experience at the theaters. It is definitely bang for your buck. The price of the tickets, food and everything here is very reasonably priced.

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