Chinmaya Mission Hospital (CMH), Indira Nagar, Bangalore – Review

* CMH is a famous hospital in Bangalore, located in Indira Nagar. Its in fact a landmark in the area. Its located beside Old Madras Road and can be reached by 80 Feet road, just opposite to the Metro Railway station.
* It’s quite an old hospital, which runs with missionary principles and the biggest thing to notice is, it’s not commercially inclined but still offers Multi Speciality Hospital services.
* It’s a go to hospital for all the tenants near by. People from Upper Middle Class and some times Rich class also depend on it.
* The fees in the hospital are quite reasonable for the life style in Bangalore. An Out Patient consultation charge is Rs 200 for the first visit and Rs 150 for the subsequent visits. My experience with other Hospitals and Doctors in Commercial Clinics was that they charge between Rs 300 – Rs 500 for one consultation. Some of them hardly devote 3 mins for this amount. Interesting thing to notice is that many expensive Doctors who charge more outside, also serve in this Hospital for a nominal charge.
* My experiences:
1) My wife had an elbow injury at home. With the suggestion from the Doctor in our lane, we rushed to CMH – Emergency service at 8PM in the night. The Doctor in charge was very good. He attended us promptly and with in next 10 mins, X-ray was taken and the Orthopaedic doctor with in the Hospital, was informed immediately. Interestingly we need not wait for the X-ray report and observed that they were discussing through phone and the LAN network and a software to observe the X-ray scan. The specialist came down for us, after going through the X-ray scan, confirmed us not to worry about anything as there was no fracture. He did a bare minimum treatment of applying a band around the injury, gave suggestions and informed us that there’s no medication required at all and the pain would subside gradually. My wife couldn’t believe it and was asking for at least pain killers to alleviate the pain. But the Doctor negated and assured us that one should have patience and the body needs some time to cure such injuries on its own. If the pain doesn’t come down in next two days, he said that we could visit him in OPD.
We left the Hospital in a short while and the next day, well wishers suggested many options. One of them was to consult a Physiotherapist. Googled for one and found a near by address and they also suggested to go with CMH Doctor’s advise, as sometimes Physiotherapy might work against and should be done with due diligence. And thankfully, the things happened as the CMH Doctor said and with in a week, my wife could recover fully from the injury without medication !!!
We were very thankful to CMH and the Doctors.
2) Recently our son (2 years old) who never had pro-longed fever, which lasted for more than 2 days, had a recurring fever. We initially tried our miracle medicine P-125, which was very effective for him till then, but observed that the fever was coming back and forth. After 2 days, consulted our regular pediatrician, and she suggested to continue P-125 and use Meftal-P, if the temperature goes beyond 101. We were very hopeful about these but upon using these, the temperature was coming down but as their power diminishes, it was piling up again. Fortunately he didn’t have any other symptoms like vomiting, lethargy, giddiness, cold and cough. The fever was turning into a mystery for us. Again consulted our regular Doctor and she advised us to alternately give P-125 and Meftal-P till the fever comes down. Still the pattern was same and we got worried on the 5th day. As our Doctor was not accessible, we had decided to take him to a Hospital. Then the confusion started whether to go with CMH or a well-known commercial Multi-Speciality Hospital in the city. We enquired with the neighbors in our Apartment Complex and they all suggested, CMH.

We went into CMH-OPD, without having any clue about Dr. Veerabhadra Mallad, consulted him. Doctor suggested few tests and also advised to get him admitted for a close monitoring. We did so, all the tests came normal, Doctor started first level antibiotics but the pattern didn’t change. It was 7th day and we were very much worried. Doctor suggested few more tests to rule out Malaria, Typhoid and those tests also came normal. He was daily visiting our ward, patiently listened and answered all our queries. He explained us that he is trying his best to give minimum medicine and at the same time diagnosing the fever. Finally on the 7th day, he moved with the next level antibiotics and prescribed Piptaz, which was immediately effective and the fever went away by next day. Doctor was also happy and he suggested to finish the course of Piptaz. And after next couple of days, we got discharged.

We had opted for a Private Ward. Most of the Sisters(Staff Nurse) were also very cooperative. Housekeeping and cleanliness could have been better but definitely manageable. We had insurance, the admission and the cash-less facility were all very smooth, as there’s an Insurance desk, probably covering all types of Insurance Companies. The discharge process also didn’t have any issues, although we had kept a constant watch and tracked our file continuously to ensure that the exit happens by noon. As it was mentioned that people with Insurance can be discharged by 12 Noon only. Finally observed that the charges for one week, were reasonable.

* There’s a Canteen with in the Hospital premises and offers hygienic food. We didn’t have to look for an alternative.
* 2D Echo test, is done by Narayana Hrudayalaya centre with in the premises but their charges are separate.
* The security guards was not very strict, understood the emotions of the attendants and acted promptly. In couple of instances, it was heartening to see that some fellow attendants were arguing with the Security, doing their duty.
* Some housekeeping staff, seemed to be working mechanically, possibly could be due to their low wages. Don’t have any idea about their wages but could read from their faces.
* One noble thing that we noticed was that the lift operating men were mostly physically challenged and were very cordial and seemed very happy. Definitely a commendable decision by the Management.
* There’ a Medical pharmacy (Kisna Pharma) just opposite to the Hospital main gate. If some medicine is not available in the CMH’s pharmacy, it would be most likely be available in Kisna Pharma, which is well run by a bunch of youngsters.
* The parking guys were fully attentive and ensure that one need not worry about their vehicle.
* Another interesting thing, there’s a second gate to the Hospital which is opposite to the Canteen. There are two bus stops to the Hospital and this second gate is close by to one of them, on the 80-ft road.
* Interestingly there was an Inspection too and the team collected the feedback about the facilities. Overall, we were impressed with CMH and really appreciate the medical service. It may not be offering the best of the best medical services but definitely is quite good-by any standards. Thank you very much !!!


  1. For the first time in life, I have lost trust in CMH’s Ortho doctor Dr. VVS Choudary. I have taken innumerable people from family and friends for many ailments and surgeries here. I always trusted that this hospital was true to its vision and mission.

    I have gone for a consultation for my back ache and injury due to a fall in the bathroom. Dr. Choudary tried to fish me to his private clinic multiple times. Stamped the prescription with his phone number and told me his clinic is in Malleshpalya with directions.

    1. I was asked by Dr. Choudary for taking steroid injection and didnt explain me the details. Upon asking for details, he bluntly asked me to come to his clinic.
    2. He insisted that I have to go to his clinic for physio therapy
    3. I asked for a letter from the hospital for resting to submit in my office so that I can take leave. He insisted that cannot be given in CMH and I have to go to his clinic.
    4. Not related to his clinic, but, he called the X-Ray department asking why only one angle of my femur was taken. Not sure of the answer from other end but, I understood that there was a compromise done on my X-ray taken based on his phone conversation.

    During the examination, he asked me about where I work and what I do etc. I thought he was trying to make a conversation with me as I was in severe pain and not in a position to walk either. But, at the end of the consultation felt like he was just trying to rule me to go to his clinic for making money.

    I am not able to trust the diagnosis the doctor has done based on the above and if CMH is going this route then, I have lost my trust in doctor community as such. There was no one I would believe unless the person works in CMH until now.

  2. 1.Recently my mother Diamond Nose Stud was stolen in ICU (3rd Floor). Since there is no camera in the ICU ,there no way to find how the theft has happened.
    2. Nurses are extremely rude with inpatients and with inadequate medical knowledge. Few are very frivolous at their work.
    3.i am visit CMH from 2010 the medical charges are increasing rapidly and the services standards are falling down drastically.
    4.Whenever the nurses change their Duty in 8 AM / 8 PM enourmous inpatient time has been wasted.
    5.Food for inpatient has not provided by the hospital to encourage the business of inbuilt cafeteria.

  3. Experience with Emergency section of CMH Indiranagar, bangalore is pathetic (Esp Nurse Manjula Devi & Duty Dr. Usha who is even hesitant to tell her full name)

    My fiancee suddenly got severe stomach ache on 31st Aug at 3am. He tolerated the pain for 4 hrs and then we went to CMH Hospital, Indiranagar, Bangalore at 7am. We went to Emergency ward. There was a Duty Doctor named Dr. Usha(Hesitant to tell her sername) and the Nurse was Manjula Devi. They both treated my fiancee with injection and said to do Ultrasound IF THE PAIN DOES NOT GET SUBSIDED. After the injection, his pain subsided and he was fine the entire day. As, he did not face any problem, we did not do the ultrasound.

    Again on 1st Sept at 3am, his severe pain started. It was really unbearable and he was almost on tears. He tolerated the pain till 6am. We decided to do the Ultrasound and consult doctor in CMH that day. But as doctors will be coming only after 10am and the pain was so severe, that we again went to emergency and requested the same 2 doctors(named in the above paragraph) to treat him so that he can bear the pain for the next 4 hrs till doctor comes and we do the ultrasound.

    Dr. Usha was so rude that she denied treating him saying that we will not treat again and again. Why is the ultrasound not done! We explained her that his pain had completely subsided and we were unaware that it will again arise. But today we will do the ultrasound and consult the main doctor. Please teat him so that he can bear the pain for next 4 hrs. But Dr. Usha and the nurse Manjula Devi started arguing with us and telling that GO TO OTHER HOSPITALS. There is emergency ward in all hospitals. We will not take the risk of treating him. If something happens, then we will be blamed. I said if my fiancee dies, then you will not be responsible? She said go to other hospital. They were so so rude that they did not even offer my fiancee to sit who was in immense pain.

    I was sad to see such people who are doctors and nurses and are considered as our life saviours. Such people should be sacked from the institution who have no mercy for mankind and no humanity. I felt helpless and writing this review.

    Though our experience with OPD is very good. I recently got admitted in CMH hospital for 2 days and was treated very well. Doctors and all other support staffs were cooperative and compassionate. But our todays experience with Emergency ward was pathetic.

    Will recommend strict action against Nurse(Manjula Devi, when I asked her name she tried hiding her ID card but I managed to see it) and Duty doctor(Usha, said I have no sername). We asked for the feedback form and they did not provide us, so writing the review online.


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