Colosseum Tickets bought online – Cannot Print ? How to skip line, Get Tickets?

Colosseum is a huge attraction in Rome and if you do not buy tickets beforehand you will be standing in line forever.There are huge lines there and I was shocked to see the lines, it can take few hours to get through the line. It is highly recommended that you buy tickets before hand and have reservation. We did some research and bought tickets online at their official site at CoopCulture.It  , but the problem was I was not able to print tickets online.

Firstly, your email will be very likely sent to SPAM folder, so you need to check your SPAM folder in Gmail.

Secondly, when you click on the link in email to print tickets, You will probably get the error ” Download NOT allowed ” In multiple languages as listed below: See screenshot above. I was worried.  Even, if you email them, you may not get response.   Here is how it worked for us.

Error in printing tickets – Colosseum Tickets 

Download not allowed
Descarga no permitida
Télécharger ne sont pas autorisés
Laden Sie nicht erlaubt
Download non consentito

How to enter Colosseum with your email confirmation ?

There is nothing you need to worry, all you need to do is carry a print out of the email and go there. All they need is the code with few letters at the end of the subject line and your payment confirmation. Sometimes, the payment does not go through, so it is better you carry out the print out.

  • At the entrance, there are two lines, where it says with reservation, it will be next to the line where a lot of people will be standing. You need to go through that line that says “With Reservation”
  • Once you walk through it, you will need go to another line inside where few people will be standing, it will take couple of minutes to get to the line and then show them the printout out to collect the Colosseum ticket.
  • You have a choice to buy audio and video guides for 5.5 or 6 Euro and you can buy it there.  I recommend buying it, if you do not have a guide for you.
  • Once you get the tickets, they are stamped with date and time, you can use it for two days to enter to Roman Forum, Colosseum, Palatine hill.
  • You are entitled for ONLY ONE Visit to tall these places

Colosseum is a very crowded attraction, I highly recommend you be attentive and buy tickets online and carry the tickets.  How was your experience.

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