fitbit Customer Service – Reporting Issue, My Review, experience

As mentioned in previous article, I use a fitbit flex wristband, I was really excited and used to check my activity everyday before I got to bed. I had used the wristband to swim, run and it really makes me feel good looking at my activity.  One fine day, the flex wristband was broken.  As I looked closely, it was a fundamental design flaw in the wristband.  I was a little pissed at it and thought I would raise it to the customer service of fitbit.

FitBit Online Customer Service experience

I logged in to my fitbit account online, you need to go to the Help section and select Contact Support. One you go there, then you will be asked to select the product and then you will asked to enter the details of the issue.

I captured an image of my broken band and then added all the details regarding the broken band.  I did not hear back from them for the first couple of days or three I think…then I got a reply from them. I was initially thinking that the support was sloppy, but eventually I understood that they have too much load. Anyways, The support staff was very courteous on the response and apologized for the inconvenience. She first gave me an option that they can ship a replacement for the broken band to any of my US address. I said I live in Singapore and do not have any US address. Their current policy is that they do not ship anything to Singapore.  Anyways, after a couple of days, they said that an exception was made for me and they shipped a new band for me.  It took under a week to receive the band. I was so excited about it.

What I like about FitBit Customer Service

I really liked their approach to customer service on making an exception and shipping a band for me to Singapore.  The customer service was great online and they responded to my questions clearly…I believe they are a young company and they look at the overall life time value of a customer and try to help the customer so that we are happy.

What can be improved in the customer service of fitBit ?

I wish they were a little quick to respond, maybe an SLA of about 24 hours would be awesome because from a customer perspective, it just creates frustration waiting for the same…

How has been your experience with the fitibit Support ?  Any positive news to share ?

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