Cisco IP Phone 7962 Review

Desk phones are quite amazing at office. I have used various kinds of phone. Recently, I have come across the Cisco IP Phone 7962. Let me share my thoughts on the IP Phone.

What are things that I like in the Cisco IP Phone 7962 ?

  • One of the best features that I like is that, it lets you login and all your profile comes on automatically.
  • As the phone is an IP phone, all you need is an internet connection. It also gives you an option to have an exit point for you to take internet to your laptop.
  • It has a large display and nice speaker that is quite audible.  It has all the features like Voicemail, etc.
  • It also can be attached to a Jabra Headset or any other headset that is compatible. If you attach a headset, it is amazing to take calls and they are clear
  • It has physical buttons for services, directory and other commonly used terms. makes your life easy.
  • Also, one of the most used feature is that, if you buy a headset license the IP Phone can be used as a soft phone from your computer.  You get all the same settings and you use it like Skype from your PC. Whenever I travel for the business trip, I use this often and it helps a lot.

What are the things that can be improved ?

  • Well, I think the commonly used buttons like missed calls, placed calls, received calls can be made accessible much easily…now you have to use two buttons to go to directories and then you need scroll there. The navigation can be reduced by once if the mini buttons can be leveraged
  • One of things I do not like is that the history of the past calls are not trasferred, when I login to a different phone device. Though my profile comes through the call history stays on that device. Maybe that can be tweaked to have it available.
  • Maybe color screen can be added, some other cool features can be added to work with new technology.

I think, the phone is a great desk phone to use….but with the changes in the technology, I think it can be tweaked to suit the modern design and look and feel. What is your experience ?


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  1. Generally, the only difference between 7960, 7961, 7962 and newer 7965 is the screen. Cisco 7942 came to the market really quick after 7941, so, many people don’t even notice a difference.


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