Do Google Adsense Earnings Drop After Moving to HTTPS ?

It has been two months, since I moved from HTTP to HTTPs using AutoSSL, I would like to share some of my experiences moving from HTTP to HTTPs from adsense perspective.

Do Adsense earnings drop with Move from HTTP to HTTPS ? How far is it true ?

Well, I have read quite a bit on this on the internet and most of the experiences say that there will drop in earnings. I have few websites and I migrated all of them from HTTP to HTTPs.  For some of my large websites that have a lot of traffic, I saw a big drop in earnings like almost 30% or so. For smaller sites that do not have a lot of traffic, the earnings drop was not much, it was same. I wrote to adsense team as well raising the flag on this and they did say that there can be slight change in adsense earnings because now all the ads that are served have to be HTTPs and there can be some drop, but should NOT be much.

I just happen to be very frustrated in the last two months, as my RPMs dropped and overall revenue dropped by over 30%…I am not sure what to say…I have thought about moving back to HTTP, but read many places that HTTPs is the way to go and the future and do not go back…So from strategy perspective, I am sticking to the HTTPs and take the pinch for now. I just noticed something that let me realize that I lost revenue of about 5% or so because I did not really migrate well and did not verify the adsense code.

What can be one of the issues with Adsense drops ? Verify all pages ? 

One of the things you need to do is make sure all your adsense served pages are rendering ads and they do not show errors like below. I missed to verify all the pages and the adsense code was old, so it was not rendering ads on all the pages. When I realized, it was old adsense code that had HTTP in the URL and they were not displayed at all. I just realized this after 2 months that I never checked it and lost revenue. So, ensure you check all the pages and make sure that you have adsense with HTTPs URLs in them.

Error Adsense Drop in Earnings





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