TTD Darshan Tickets Online Availability – 300/ 50 Rs – Check ?

We have written an article on how to check TTD Rooms availability online  , now it is time to look at checking the Special Entry darshan tickets online.  With the new website change, it is not very clear and can be confusing. Also, day by day there are more and more features added by TTD to better their services.

Do you need to create a Login ID and register with Phone to check the TTD Special Entry Darshan tickets online for 300 Rs or 50 Rs ? 

Simple answer : No.  It is quite open, there is no direct link posted on the TTD online website, thats why it is not obvious for everyone.  Check below for details on direct link.

How do you check TTD Special Entry Darshan Tickets online Availability for 300 Rupees or 50 Rupees ? 

You can do it in two ways, one is by accessing the direct link or second one is by accessing the menu. Below are the detail steps and screenshots for the same.

  • Check using direct Link : Click  TTD Special Entry Darshan Tickets Availability URL . Check below screenshot.
    • You will need to select a date to see the availability by the slots and timings with the Price of the Special entry darshan ticket.
      • If a date is in Green color , it is available
      • Ifa date is in Blue Color , quota not yet released
      • If a date is in  Red color, quota is full.
      • If a date is in Gray color, quota is not available on that day.
    • All you need to do is select date and then select one of the tickets and then proceed with details
    • Lately, there are very few or rather limited  5o Rupees tickets given. I have been able to see only 300 Rupees Special entry darshan tickets.

TTD Online Darshan Tickets Special Entry Check Availability

  • Check from Menu option for Darshan Tickets :  At times, the URL may not be accessible directly, so you can go to the menu and access the same.
    • You need to go the TTD Online Home page
    • Click on the menu and look for Special Entry Darshan as highlighted below. You will have access to the availability chart of Special Entry darshan.

TTD Darshan tickets check online using menu and chart


  1. Hallo sir, I m comeing ttd on 3 July 2018, & i want to do Kalyanam seva, but the problem is i have tow dauther {1- 10 yers}, {2- 14 Years} can i get One ticket & we go to seva 4 members Me, my wife, & Two Dauthers pls Tell us. Sir,
    Thank you.


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