Google Glass Review

It is amazing to see what Google has done with the wearables. They have taken the moon shot project of converting a large clunky looking wearable device that would be worn by scientists and other researchers into a consumer grad device. I have been lucky to have one of the Google Glass Explorer edition for work. Everytime I walk around with it or I play with it on my desk, someone will come over to me and ask, ‘Is that a Google Glass ? ‘ , ‘Can I wear it ? Can I play with it ?”  Many of them only come to me to play with the gadget.  Anyways, here is my first take on this.

What is good about the Google Glass ?

  • It is an amazing piece of Gadget, it is very high-tech and it looks cool
  • it can detect your voice commands and does some cool things like taking photos, opening an application, etc
  • it has an unbelievable nice camera for the sheer size of it and can take pictures even with a wink.
  • it has some really cool features like tilting your head in a certain direction to wake and sleep the device
  • It makes you look cool, with a cool gadget…
  • You get instant attention around the people you wear 😉
  • It is an amazing tool for capturing real-time moments when you are on the road
  • You can use it in broad day light and it looks great for image

What are the areas Google Glass  has to improve ?

  • It has very poor battery life, this is a major road block, it can run out in about 15 min, if you use it in full load by running apps and other things
  • The glass heats up quite a bit, once it heats, it  behaves weirdly, I dont know why….Keeps saying Glass needs to cool down and annoying.
  • When we try to project the screen on to a Laptop for presentations, the heating is even bad and the glass really heats up so bad that it does not even work predictably and totally stalls
  • It needs to come up with a design to accommodate people like me with some power glasses. I am having a hard time to fit it and I cannot see well. though there are designs, I think it should be detachable like others in market like Vuzix and have it attached to your own pair of spectacles.
  • The price is prohibitively high, I do not see any value for money, except that I am using cool stuff…

I think the technology is catching up and has some good catch up to do…

Overall, my take is that it is not worth the buy for the money. if you are a business or an explorer with some cash or funding by others, you can try it to catch up to build apps and have the experience. I would personally wait for few more releases so that the product is stabilized.

What is your take on the Google Glass ?

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