Sainik Packers and Movers, Bangalore – Review

How I got introduced ?
We recently moved with in Bangalore, from C.V.Raman Nagar to Koramangala. During the shift, the biggest worry after finding the new house for rent was about identifying the right packers and movers. Around my earlier house there were too many ads about these companies and when I sat to google these things, I was completely lost with too many options available. I was wondering how big this market is ! For most of the agencies the online reviews were pretty bad and it made my decision even harder. At one point, I even dropped the idea about movement. When I tried few phone numbers, I came to know that there are many businesses run around identifying/suggesting the vendor itself. Interesting one was one agency which promised that they would give top 3 providers and that I can get quotes from them and if I’m not satisfied they can provide more agencies. I did try, as suggested by some, but it takes time to get response from them and I was in a hurry.

After getting few contacts, I started inquiring details about the quote. Most of the providers were asking the same questions like source and destination, Lift provision at either ends, Luggage details to determine the vehicle , package material and the labour details. I observed that the quotes were with wide range starting from Rs 5000 to 12000. I had used Agarwal Packers for moving from Hyderabad to Bangalore and was quite satisfied with their service. But with in city they were quoting Rs 10000 as minimum amount and for my requirement it was around Rs 12000. With this high amount, I dropped the idea of Agarwal. The next best option was Lead Packers and Movers, Madivala. They quoted around Rs 9000. Many other agencies have bad reviews/self-boosting reviews on internet. But I could observe that Lead was an exception and had genuine good reviews. They seemed to be very professional at work. Later I heard from a colleague later that he used Lead Packers and Movers for his house shift from Pune to Bangalore. Although they were not offering out of city service, he convinced them to visit Pune for his house shift. He was very satisfied with their service. Anyways as my father felt that Rs 9k was quite high, we had to drop it from our preference list. I also ruled out the agencies offering this service for Rs 5000 and even less. Their conversation itself put me off and it was totally unprofessional.

Ouf of so many agencies, Sainik Packers and Movers with office at Yeshwantpur, caught my attention.

– Reasonable charges:
The owner Vikram Singh, was very prompt in attending my query. He quoted around Rs 6000 and also responded well by sending instant SMS (with all details) after the call. I decided to give it a try and asked to send a representative to visit my house for the actual quotation. Next day the representative, Ajay, arrived and after going through our luggage he gave the quote as Rs 7000. I was a little worried as the initial quote was one thousand less. He gave convincing answers for all my queries and I felt him to be genuine. On the back of my mind, I had the worry about the incident I read some where that a Packers and Movers agency, took luggage and vanished (new age theft). So didn’t know whom to believe. But I had to go with someone and so took a chance with Sainik Packers and Movers.

The representative suggested against insurance and explained why it is not much beneficial for the movement within the city. He patiently answered all of my queries. Finally we felt like Rs 7000 was quite reasonable for our huge luggage.

– Prompt reporting and delivery:
We had a doubt if the agency would do last-minute mishap. We had a meticulous planning for the movement, and had to do a small house-warming ritual at a stipulated time in the new house. Any disturbance from the Packers and Movers would cause major trouble for us. Because of this worry and that too as we were moving on an auspicious day, we were doubtful if the agency guys would report at the committed time. We had heard of instances where some agencies give hand at THE day citing reasons of many movements happening on the same day, lack of vehicle/labor etc.

I kept reminding the owner and the representative about our time and followed up very well for one week. However, on the evening of the day just before our movement, to our shock we had faced a similar situation of hearing about shuffling the timings from the agency. I was upset and expressed it to them. The representative and the owner finally sorted out my problem with in a short time and again re-planned to suit my initial timings. I was impressed for their consideration and immediate action.

Next day, 5 guys arrived at my place with the large vehicle that they committed to. They did a good job in packing and delivery to the new house.

– Hardworking and skilled staff:
Except for one person, the remaining staff were really skilled and hard working. They pro actively moved some heavy luggage through staircase from 2nd floor, as they felt that the lift can get damaged. I was moved by this gesture. They didn’t crib about anything.

I was skeptical, if our luggage would fit in that vehicle but they arranged things very well and got them adjusted. I offered them cool drinks and was also thinking of providing them lunch at some decent hotel. During the travel on their vehicle, they themselves opted for a normal eat out on road side and didn’t even ask me money for it, although I was willing to give. I could see work ethics in them and was moved by their hard work for the less amount that they would get. It reminded me about the harsh reality of life, on how difficult it is to earn money for many people in this world.

At the destination, there was no lift and still they patiently moved all the items to 2nd floor.

Finally post delivery, I offered them Rs 500 as a tip, which is usually a norm beyond the money decided with the agency. I was expecting that they would try to negotiate/request/demand some more. But without a next thought, they accepted and thanked for the same and left. I was surprised by this and recollected the words of the representative who had said that they have good set of people and I felt that it was very true.

– Reliable:
Although we were very careful, once the packing started my family members and I, got lost in tracking our articles and luggage. If there were mean guys in the packing team, they could have easily stolen some items but we didn’t lose a single item. This proves that they are quite genuine and reliable.

Areas of Improvement:
– Although the packing and movement was quite good, there’s some room for improvement in showing more professionalism in conversing and packing things. May be after seeing high-end packers like Agarwal, I felt so. But for the price I paid, Sainik did a good job.
– Portal: Website is decent enough for basic information but can be improved. I also observed some obscene words in some explanation and was wondering how such things crept in. Some proof reading could have avoided such things.
– Testimonials: I couldn’t find many reviews about this agency and it made my decision tougher. When asked about the same to the representative, he politely replied that only people who are dissatisfied with a service, try to vent out frustration with reviews but the people who are happy, ignore spreading the positive word. He smiled at me and asked to write review if I like their service. They can encourage people or try some ways to get more genuine testimonials to get word of mouth publicity.

For a newbie, house shifting in Bangalore is a nightmare and especially choosing the right packers and movers is a herculean task. If you have a loose hand with money then you can try Lead Packers and Movers. But if you are tight with budget then definitely I would recommend Sainik Packers and Movers. Go for it for a hassle free movement !


  1. The professional behaviour and cooperative staff members of Goyal Packers Movers Ltd made it easy for us to get our shifting done with ease from Delhi – Bangalore. Last month when we shifted, their team helped us.

    Thanks a lot Goyal Packers Movers Ltd

  2. The timely delivery service of Movers and Packers made it possible for my family to get a smooth – hassle experience.

  3. The professional Packers and movers Faridabad will count each and every item that is being taken responsible by them, label and deliver it properly at the desired location.

  4. Very Pathetic Service. They stole my new brand TV and replaced with broken TV. I had done insurance but still they are not responding and are not providing reimbursement.
    The delivered materials very late and many them were damaged.
    Also they cheat you by giving fake bills. they charged me with 18% tax whereas only 5% is applicable.
    Dont ever opt for this Sainik Packers & Movers. You will highly regret for hiring them. They are full of cheaters especially Ajay Walia & Jitu Walia.

  5. Very Pathetic Service. Their team stole my new TV and replaced with old broken TV. They charged me with insurance but even then they didn’t give money for TV. Don’t go for it.

    Also their bills are fake. They charged me 18% tax while only 5% is applicable.

    Their team is full of cheaters especially Ajay Walia & Deepak Walia

    • Sad …. this happens to me last year they took insurance money but delivered everything broken my bed bike kitchen items … and never respond about the insurance…. just looted me.

  6. Worst packers and movers
    0 hrs 1 min ago 3 Views

    I had booked these guys on 2nd of April 2017. They had told they will come by 2 PM. I called at 2 PM they said they are in marathalli. will come in one hour. After an hour I only called for which they said they are still in marathalli. will come in half an hour. To come by bike itself from marathalli to nagavara it takes one hour. After one more hour I called they said they are at k r puram will reach in half an hour. Again after an hour when I called he was still at marathalli. They came vening at 6.30 PM! That too with a van that was half filled some other house stuff! And said they will stuff whatever they can in this van and one more vehicle will come for rest of stuff!

    Finally they packed at around 9.30 PM. we reached new house by 11 PM!. in the middle of night they unloaded with a damage on almirah! no refund or anything for that. They took full money. And left my house with full of boxes behind.!

    These guys are liers, cheaters, rude! They have damaged my washing machine too before leaving!

  7. Sainik packers movers are mkst worst packers they damaged almost all our things this really worst sdrvice we ever seen we lost so much so people be careful

  8. Sanik Packer and movers are the worst. Someone writing such a detailed and huge review is definitely fake. Guys don’t trust this review. They are the worst packers and Movers.

  9. Again a fake review …. if u need real review I can show pics of my items how they deliver .. drop me mail

  10. Yes, most of the packers are careless in packing or shipping products. While we are shipping our house holds we had a bad experience, our freeze got totally damaged

  11. Please be aware of this guy Vikram Singh. He is one one of the biggest fraud I have ever come across. Recently, I and one of my friends had to traport 2 bullets from Bangalore to New Delhi. We booked for to and fro package and Mr. fraud Vikram said that we can give the money after the bikes get back to Bangalore. He also ensured they are the best in packing (bubble packing) and will deliver our bikes as it is without any scratches.
    To our surprise both the bikes were seriously damaged when we went to get the bikes in Delhi. We also learnt that they sent our bikes with a different vendor Professional Movers and not Sainik Packers. When we contacted Vikram Singh and told that our bikes were damaged he said that we need to pay first only then they will give our bikes and disconnected the call.
    Pathetic Service !
    Don’t go with Sainik Packers.

  12. One of the worst Packer and Movers in the Bangalore. (Cheater )
    Last 10 year i am using 7 packer and mover but Sainik is lowest. because last they shift my furniture bangalore to haryana. Sainik 30 days for shifting. some material damage and missing also. Unloading person unskilled.

    I request to you, please never select Sainik Packers and Movers .
    If you want any clarification, call me 9812836180

  13. One of the WORST unfit Packer and Movers in the Bangalore. They have a set of highly incapable people to pack, load, drive, unload and unpack the things. All the best ratings are fake. Atleast by people I know that few of them who shifteed with them had a very bad experience. Its your fate that you go for this Packer and Movers even after reading this. My Goods were not properly packed and damaged. I wasnt able to notice, because they said everything will be done in the morning. The truck came in the late evening and no way anyone had patience at 11PM to unpack and see if things are good. They created much problem and asked me to give 3000 more or said unload your self. Company Owner was SO RUDE. Next morning it was surprise that many of the goods were totally in bad condition, esp wooden things. DO NOT GO FOR THIS!!

    • Awesome .. let’s show other people how they cheat and harass… and stop others from saving there money and items … I will keep on posting against them what I faced by them .. 1 month they took to deliver from bangalore to Patna and when they deliver everything was damage

  14. Sainik packers and movers:

    They are insulting all Sainiks by keeping “Sainiks” in their title.

    They may offer you comparatively lesser price but after reaching the destination they will simply dump all goods, don’t even fix TV, fridge, washing machine, etc., cheat you with all hidden and extra charges, take money and run away. One of them even told me that he’ll charge 300rupees for loading one fan.

    I had booked them for shifting luggage from my native to Bengaluru.
    I had clearly told them that mine is a 2BHK house luggage, they sent a small lorry that can only fit a bachelor’s goods, when I clearly told them that I’m not going to continue if this is the vehicle then they arranged another vehicle but they made me pay 3000 for it and they didn’t give proper payment to that extra lorry driver as well (they cheated him as well).

    They had initially given quotation of 20000rs and said that includes everything but later they started telling these things:
    20000rs – just core price (earlier they had told that 20000rs includes everything and I do not need to pay anything extra)
    3000 – service tax
    3000 – extra lorry (for their mistake of sending bachelor goods vehicle to shift a family’s goods)
    250 – toll charges
    26250 – TOTAL i.e., 6250 rupees extra than what they had quoted earlier

    So, initially when I booked them, they had told me that 20,000rs includes everything but later it came to 26,250 and that too they didn’t fit TV, fridge, washing machine, fans, didn’t unload any box, etc. This is the type of service they provide. Never go for it. They are just fooling people keeping “Sainik” in their title and cheating people like me who want to somehow give business to Army brothers. These packers are cheats running business in the names of our army brothers, never go for them…!!!!

    Worst Service Provider in the Packers and Movers Industry.

    My ordeal started when I decided to go with Sainik Packers and Movers to move a few house hold articles along with my fathers pet plants from Bangalore to Kasargod. These guys are big time cheaters and dont have basic respect for human beings. An initial quote of 8500 rupees was given to me prior to packing and collecting the material away from my place. Agreement was for door to door delivery with loading unloading charges inclusive. The agreement was also that the materiel will be delivered the very next day. However, I had to shell out another 5000 rupees and additional unloading charges in Kasargod for me to get my materials and plants delivered.

    I would recommend all of you to stay away from this packers and movers company. Worst experience ever!

    • Very true these guys are cheaters and worst customer support .. They did same for me after there truck reached told me to arrange a vechile to pickup at 1:30 am .. All my items where damaged when I asked this they said call bangalore office not us … When we called bangalore office they started ignoring our calls .. They asked to send details we mailed him pic and total loss never got any reply .. Hope no other person should be fool by them .. I will keep commenting against these cheaters

  16. Wonderful!! this is really one of the most beneficial blogs I’ve ever browsed on this subject. After read this i get some idea about packers and movers. Thank you for sharing this good info with us.

  17. Thanks to Sainik Packers for hassle free shifting of my home. Specific relocation team did good job. They got good experience in shifting. I would like refer this team for your house shifting.


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