Hertz, Sixt, EuroCar Car Rental Return Berlin Central Hauptbahnhof – Parking ? Directions ?

We had spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to return our Hertz car in Berlin Central Station.

The address that you have on GPS for the Hertz or any other rental car return stations (Address : Hauptbahnhof 1. UG, Parkhaus level -3, Europaplatz 1, 10557 Berlin) takes you to a place, where you have no option to park. It takes you to the entrance of the station and there is no way to exit to the parking. There are no signs to go to parking lot as well. We were really lost….We missed the exit twice and spent over 50 min trying to figure out the place, hence hope this will help many like us who get lost.

How to get to the parking ? Where to Park to return your rental car for Hertz, Sixt or Eurocar ? 

  • Once you exit the tunnel, you will need to watch out for a small sign that says parking P. It is exactly on the opposite side of the actual train station entrace.  When you exit from the tunnel, take a LEFT and then go like 50 meters and then take a LEFT again to go to the Parking. There is a small entrance that says “Parking “. It is on the left as well.  You need to take the route to go inside the parking lot.  If you take right, and then right, you will end up at the entrance of train station. So, you have to do exact opposite.
    • It can be very tricky with the above, so take your time and slowly find the parking.  The GPS location to Europaplatz will take you the entrance of the Hauptbahnhof, but and you will need to go the exact opposite side to see the parking.
  • Once you go down, you will need to go to the UG parking ( Under Ground Parking ).  There are directions, but can be confusing. The small trick is that you need to look for icon with Car and Key like below. You will need to go down further and you will see at the end which says “Reserved Parking ” and you will see boards of SIXT, Hertz and Euro car. There you can park.

rental car return Hertz icon

  • Once you park, look for Entrance or Board that says ” A”, it is right in the front, you will need go further up to see the board name tag “A”, there you take the Starirs and you will see Hertz, Sixt and Euro Car on the opposite side of the McDonald.

Did I miss anything ?  Any other tip ?

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