How to Fix, Recover Telegram – This Phone Number is Banned ?

We run a very large group (over 500 Users) of Telegram with our users for our other blog and suddenly one day, I got logged out and I could not log in. I was going crazy as I did not know what to do, I did every other research and finally was able to get it resolved in about 3 days. I was basically helpless on what to do, finally found the solution. In this article, will share how to recover your Telegram account or phone number, if you get similar error or get banned.

Issue – Logged out of Telegram, “This Phone Number is Banned”

Your Phone Number is Banned - Telegram

One day I was logged out suddenly and when I enter my phone number in the phone number field, I get the below error as you can see in screen shot that says ” This phone Number is Banned” and you only have two options, one is “Ok” and other is “help”. I was like lost on what to do.

On the desktop also you see something like the same as you can see in the article featured image.

If you click Ok, then nothing happens, but, if you click on Help, it opens an email. I was not sure, if that would work as it did not look like from Telegram. I was very suspicious, if some spam hit me. So, I did not email them right away.

Solution to fix ” This Phone Number is Banned” Telegram Message ?

The first and foremost thing you need to do is to email them after you hit help. It will have a weird email ID, do not worry. It is the real email ID. It shoulb be ”” is the email ID you need to use. It will auto populate the text of subject and have some phone related info in it. You can just hit submit or you can customize. I have added the below info telling that we run a large group, etc.

Banned Phone Number Telegram Recover Email

Once you send the email, you should hear back from them in about 24 hours. We got response in like 18 hours. I read online and it also says about 12 to 18 hours. You will get response from the same email ID : and it will say, it is unbanned, If you have not committed any spam issues. See below confirmation email from Telegram as well. It is a standard message that tells that your phone issued should be resolved. I was very impressed with the response.

Telegram Recovery Phone Number Banned

There are other options that are available as well and I reached them as well. You can use them too. See below.

Telegram Account Recover Phone Number Banned – Other Email, Twitter

They are very active on Twitter and you should send them a private or Direct message for their twitter account. Check They have instructions here. You can check their website for complete options

Also, you can email their other two email IDs, that can also help you recover


You can try the above two, if the first one does not work. Overall, I am happy with the response time.

What was your experience with the issue in Telegram ? Did you manage to fix it ?

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  1. My account got logged out suddenly and when I tried to log in I was told that my Phone number has been banned. Please help it’s my business account.

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    • I’m trying to use my mobile phone number: 918805046614
      But Telegram says it’s banned. Please help.

      App version: 9.0.0 (28002)
      OS version: SDK 23
      Device Name: OPPOCPH1701
      Locale: en

  3. I’m trying to use my mobile phone number: +234 9167333261
    But Telegram says it’s banned. Please help.

    Am just starting my Academy channel and I posted my rules and guidelines next I saw that my account was deleted and banned

    I have not used it to send any spam messages or anything as such. Only use it for group and communicate with users

    Please help! I feel so bad!

  4. Please unbanned my telegram

    I’m trying to use my mobile phone number: 8801729545233
    But Telegram says it’s banned. Please help.

    App version: 8.9.3 (27579)
    OS version: SDK 31
    Device Name: XiaomiM2101K7BI
    Locale: en

  5. I’m trying to use my mobile phone number: +234 9137445918
    But Telegram says it’s banned. Please help.

    Request to Unban My Telegram Account

    I can’t login in to my account anymore that what am experiencing please unban

    App version: 8.8.1
    OS version: 15.6.1
    Locale: en_US
    MNC: none

    Sent from my iPhone

  6. Please sir my number was banned on telegram please I need your help to unbanned my number _07088367670 looking forward to you sir thank in advance

  7. Dear sir or madam

    I have been a victim of being banned to use your application.
    I’m very honest, professional person my details on telegram are legitimate.
    I have never in my life promoted violence, porn or any sort of illegal materials that telegram stated in their policy.

    You are welcome to check all my groups and if you find the smallest think that violate your policy then please go ahead and banned me for life.

    My number and account are linked with lot of telegram groups and other social media and I’m not a ghost or fake user.

    Kindly look into my matter as I have been cut off my friend,loved one and my Audiences.
    phone number:+918279880937
    Best regards
    Thank you in advance and I look forward to hear back from you guys.


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