I Hate Luv Storys (2010) – Movie Review

After reading many positive reviews about this youthful movie I was very much eager to watch it and yesterday rushed to experience it.

After the first half of the movie, I felt it to be an amazing movie. Believe me, through out the first half I was continuously smiling. What an excellent screenplay it is ! It is the most refreshing love track that I have seen in recent times. But all my excitement was extremely put down with mediocre second half. It is hard to believe that both the parts belong to the same movie. First half is splendid and the latter part is horrible except a few interesting scenes.

Its the story about Jay, an Assistant Director in Films who hates love stories and Simran who simulates an filmy real life. Jay and Simran meet in a Film Theater and then starts an interesting journey of their love. Simran is an Art Director in Films and Jay becomes her staff. How these entirely opposite individuals discover love in them and get convinced finally is the remaining story.

The title and the basic idea of making a film as a satire on the Bollywood Love stories is very interesting. The Writer, Director excelled well in showing this key point through Jay’s character. His characterization is the main highlight of the movie. Equally balanced with the routine, boring, filmy kind of role by the heroine.

The satires on bollywood are funny. Karan Johar gave a free hand to tear apart his own movies. The way Jay plays with heroine’s boy friend, his director, one girl friend are all etched very well. Every other second the film brings a chuckle. This experience was awesome.

The casting was just perfect. Especially the lead ones enacted by Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor. Imran Khan steals the show and fits the bill accurately. Sonam supports him well and the chemistry works the best.

With the ravishing first half the bar of expectations on the second half gets stretched and it fails miserably. Looks like the Writer didn’t know what to do after the most interesting aspect of the film has exhausted and forcibly gets into the routine love saga. Apart from a few interesting scenes like taking the help of his ex-girl friend to win Sonam by telling her that she indeed needs help of Sonam to win Jay, the major portion of the second half is highly predictable and is pretty boring.

The nagging of Sonam’s boyfriend for wearing fugly shirts, taking sign boards/signs seen around as a divine message and using them are all innovative ideas. Music also backs the film very well. The title song tune is excellent and is well choreographed.

Finally, I hate the second half of ‘I Hate Luv Storys’ and love the first half of it.

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