Jordan River King Solomon Dates – Price, Review

Getting good Dates is always a challenge. Back home, they do a lot of advertisement on the Lion Dates and there are many variations in dates. After I moved to Singapore, I have been looking all around for good dates. After buying few varieties of dates from different brands, I have narrowed down my choice of preferred dates to King Solomon. Let me share my review and more details on price on the same.

What are the great things about Jordan River King Solomon Dates ?

  • The quality is top-notch, I absolutely love the quality of the dates. I have tried different brands, but this is the best brand in my view.
  • Jordan River King Solomon provides various options of dates. I have tried a couple like Deri Dates and others. I like the Deri Dates, they are sweet and feels good when you eat
  • The packaging of the dates is also good, all of their brands come in transparent plastic box, you can see the dates and pick the one you like.. Usually the challenge is unless you see something you cannot be sure, thats what you wanted…with this packaging you can choose the one you want.
  • I have picked this up from a local supermarket and have seen this around other places as wel.

What the Price of King Solomon Jordan River Dates ?

  • The price of the dates vary by the kind of dates you pick in that brand.  For instance, Deri Dates is about 3 Dollars 80 cents ( SGD), there are other types of dates packaged by King Solomon for $5 dollars 50 Cents (SGD) and even $4Dollars 40 cents ( SGD)
  • Do NOT buy the box with lowest price like $2 Dollars 30 cents (SGD) the package that has solid cardboard box, the dates in that are of poor quality. You will NOT like it.

What can be changed with the Jordan River Dates ?

  • Well, I think they provide good options, but I would like to see larger packages from them. I do NOT see anything that is of larger size…I buy a lot, but have to buy two boxes, which is more price.
  • The Dates are not available in local small mom and pop shops, would be great to see them around as well.

I think I really like the Dates provided by King Solomon and they give it at top notch quality.

What are your thoughts ? Have you tasted these ?

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