Mustafa Center Singapore Review – Little India Shopping

Every international, especially Indians, most of the times, whoever visit or live in Singapore would definitely plan to visit Mustafa Center in Little India. I visit Mustafa centre almost every other week for many things.  If you are in Little India area, you would find quite a few stores with Names Mustafa, which are all owned by one family/guy. Anyways, all of them are connected and here is my review on the same.

What are the Great Things about Mustafa centre?

  • It is amazingly large and has everything ranging from Gold to groceries. If you were to live in the US, it is like a Walmart, except cars section.
  • It is open 24 hours a day. This is the most important part of the Mustafa centre. Anyone can visit anytime during the day and purchase stuff. It is very convenient for the tourists.
  • Most of the goods are of good quality.
  • If you are an Indian and looking for Indian stuff, it has all the Indian brands that you can think of…The odds are, if you do not find an Indian related item especially food or grocery, then odds are you may not find in Singapore.
  • They have a beautiful Gold Jewelry collection, great collection of gift items for Toys, Electronics, Watches are like way too many…perfumes and cologne are all over
  • They have about 3 floor top and 3 floors down, totally full of stuff all over.
  • If you want to buy chocolates or pick up some souvenirs, you can pick it up from here, they are all available.

How to Get to Mustafa Center – Bus, MRT, Taxi ?

All you need to do is take the MRT ( Purple Line ) and get down at Farrer Park, it is just walkable from there. You can also ask any Taxi guy and tell Mustafa centre, they will take you there.  If it is bus, there are plenty of buses…just look for little India related surroundings, you should be fine.  The only thing is that the streets are one way, you will have to walk a little bit, if you get down

What are the things that can be improved?

  • It is too big and you can get confused as there is no clear directions on what is available where…You find people, but sometimes difficult to ask as well.
  • I felt that some of the prices are at times a little high on some products…many say they are cheap, but they are comparable with other places
  • It is very much crowded with too much stuff. Things can be improved in the ambience
  • The lift / escalators are too slow and most of the traffic is stuck….you can waste time just here…

Overall, I think it is a great place to visit and buy everything from one place, but you need to be careful that going there may be tricky as you may not get a taxi on weekend, it could be too crowded…

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