Kalyan Jewellers, Punjagutta, Hyderabad – Review

Kalyan Jewellers opened its branch in Hyderabad few months back and from then there has been wide publicity. When we had to purchase gold ornaments for my marriage the first option that stuck everyone’s mind was Kalyan Jewellers, thanks to the homely image of its Brand Ambassador Akkineni Nagarjuna. Choosing the location Punjagutta for the shop is also an intelligent move. Offlate Punjagutta, Raj Bhavan Road areas have become the hub of Jewellery shops like Kirtilals, Khazana, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri, Joy Alukkas etc.

Interestingly from bride’s side also opined that they will check Kalyan Jewellers first. We all gathered on a fine Saturday morning and went to the shop which is beside Hyderabad Central. We would have reached by 11 Am there and to our surprise the Shop was already packed with customers. The collection seemed to be very large. There were  many many workers who were very active in giving utmost service to the customers. Interestingly all of the employees are Tamil Nadu based and the problem in communicating was obvious. I didn’t get an idea on why they didn’t go for some local boys as I observed this communication problem causing lot of issues.

Another interesting thing that I noticed is the intelligent ploy of the shop to intentionally arrange less number of chairs so that the ladies would not settle for entire day there looking out various items. Though the shop owners do not show it upfront but the way they carefully pull chairs and arrange them only for serious customers show their knack in improving the throughput.

Our elders and the bride checked for bangles and after checking out lot of models they zeroed on one pair of bangles but wanted to have a lesser size one. The boys searched a lot for the possibility but finally they could not provide us the required size in that model. Then I checked out bracelet models and instantly I liked one of them very much. It was a very good suggestion from the sales boy and I also liked it immediately. Again the length problem arose and they gave the provision of cutting out some portion of it. Finally they did give me in that format and I was really satisfied. The price was also reasonable. We tried to bargain a lot for discount and could get it to some extent. All my friends and relatives appreciated us for the choice of the bracelet and they all unanimously said that it was a marvelous selection. So good first time shopping in Kalyan Jewellers.


  1. pls change the irritating advertisement.. Dont u view ur advertisements b4 relaying it? watch it more than 2 times and it will irritate u to the core.. Its not a quality advertisement.. better stop it.. it only irritates its viewers

  2. Hi Every one,
    My experience in Kalyan jewellery.Its the biggest fraud Jewellery in Hyd,Chennai,& recently about to opened in Pune also.
    If Normal person is going to buy gold in kalayan Jewellery They will not show all the latest models..
    Even latest models is there its already sold out to other customer…
    Really fraud..
    Guys Please don’t but gold from kalayan Jewellery….

  3. Really it is a Worest & Cheating business by Kalyan Jewellers. No matching for advertising and real sale. Looting public by luring margins. No facts their publicity

  4. Worst service…no salesman responses well..all the salesman are busy with their own work..my worst experience in gold shop

  5. My experience in Kalyan jewellery , punjagutta too was a lousy one…….one thing I realised is that when u go to buy gold every big jeweller tells u their gold is 916 gold…..but when u sell ur old for new ur gold becomes 18 or 19k……

  6. Worst place to buy Gold, Silver and Diamond jewellery.. Bacchan family please stop promoting them!!

    I been to Pune Branch recently inaugurated by Aishwarya one of my fav star.. and had worst experience…

    I was in store for about 5-6 hours but these guys don’t even have time for customers. You keep asking for things but they even don’t reply.. still I waited.. 🙁

    Making Charges are very much high and making fool by giving discount on making charges.. more than double from other big jewellers..


    • I had bad expexperience in Hyderabad panjagutta branch of Kalyan jewellers.. Making charges are high..other collecting 32000 More for 65 grams of gold for simple bangles… I gone to another shop I found them so reasonable..

  7. They are really fraud!!!!

    Huge Valud Addition charges and they are looting people in name of DISCOUNT!!!

    Will you believe they are charing around 450 RS/GM which should be around 300.

  8. Kalyan Jewellers is the BIG FRAUD jeweller with exhorbitant making charges and customer cheating rules & regulations. Don’t go with this just because Amitabh Bacchan is advertizing for them. Sincere request to BIG B as well to leave this cheater brand.

  9. Horrible experience at Kalyan Jewellers, Panjagutta, Hyderabad… they are charging exorbitant making charges on simple jewellery and to top it up, their executives are so head strong. They give you silly reasoning and literally take customers for granted. Sorry to see the biggest film stars endorsing such a lousy brand… my advice to people, stay away from it…..

  10. Its very bad experience I had with Kalyan Jewellers, I can’t understand how can they charge 20% wastages on jewellery. Kalyan Jewellers are just making fraud to customers, I would suggest Film Stars not to support by giving fake adds on the TV. we are becoming fools by beleiving ur adds.


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