Khazana Jewellers, Hyderabad – Review

The moment I get to hear or see Khazana Jewellers the first thing that strikes to me is Heroine Shriya Saran. She did give wide promotion to Khazana Jewellers. There are many branches of Khazana in Hyderabad, Punjagutta being the most famous among them. My house owners recommended this name as it has developed a loyal trust with many customers since ages. When we couldn’t get a right size bangle pair in Kalyan Jewellers, we wanted to try in another shop and the immediate option we thought was, Khazana Jewellers which is on the same road.

We reached the shop and could notice the obvious differences between Kalyan Jewellers and Khazana Jewellers. The primary one among them being female sales persons in Khazana and only may sales boys in Kalyan. As it was already noon, Khazana was also packed with customers and all the sales persons were busy but they politely requested us to wait for some time for our turn and we were going round the shop looking over the designs in the display.

When our turn came, elders and the bride side checked out the bangle designs and found to be an equally interesting design collection. Finally they zeroed on one bangle pair which everyone liked and we also bought one necklace from Khazana as the sales boy was very friendly,frank and supportive. On the offside I also checked the bracelet models but found Kalyan Jewellers to be having better models. Also noticed that Khazana hosts lot of silver ornaments and designs too.

To summarize we observed that bangle pairs and necklace models were better in Khazana and bracelets were better in Kalyan. One common thing being the huge waiting time in selection and payment.


  1. Dear all,
    yesterday on 11/1/16 i ordered the one of the item.i am also pay in advance 3000rs. but jewellary billing person enter the wrong information.

  2. Dear All,
    Recently on 20th we have purchased ear rings, i never see this type of Bakwas shop in my life.
    they don’t even have the pricing sense and every thing is at higher side when compared to other leading showrooms.
    the staff behavior is worst.they are in the market for making money by bluffing customers


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