Keshav Reddy Sweets, Hyderabad – Review

The nearest sweet shop to any IT person in Hitech City, Madhapur, Hyderabad is Keshav Reddy and thus it scores high on the proximity. I have seen the pattern like on every person’s birthday either he brings sweets from Keshav Reddy or if he forgets he will be forced to get them from the same shop. The quality of sweets is very good. The most favorite item for many is the orange color laddu which has gained lot of popularity with the interesting packaging by Keshav Reddy. I used to love this laddu a lot and was going ga ga over it till recently when I took a pack to my home to give my parents a taste of it. Then only I realized that it is basically an intelligent move to make Kesari Bath to look like a laddu and impress people. I was bowled when my parents explained this. I never liked Kesari Bath much in my life, but by turning it into laddu it turned into a new item altogether developing a huge craze.

The rates of the sweets are little expensive but are affordable. The shop in Madhapur also has chat items. If you wanna try Pani Puri in Madhapur , Kesava Reddy shop is the most safe and hygienic one.

There are many varieties of sweets available and Khaju Burphy over here is just perfect.

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