Pullareddy Sweets – Review

There may not any household in Andhra Pradesh who are not aware of Pullareddy Sweets. I at first got introduced to it from my cousin when I was under ten years. I remember him never failing to get us Pullareddy Sweets whenever he visited our hometown. Most of the times I’ve seen only the assorted package which contains one or two samples of various sweets. Pullareddy trademark doesn’t give you an iota of chance to comment at all, it is just that impressive.

Another thing you hear about Pullareddy is the amazing rags to riches story of the founder, Pulla Reddy. It is said that he started as a normal mithai wala selling sweets on an ordinary pushable fourwheeler going around streets. From that state to the current numerous sweet shop chains and the educational institutions, his story is truly inspirational.

Pulla Reddy Sweet shop in Raj Bhavan Road, Begumpet, Punjagutta circle itself has become the best landmark in that area. DE Shaw Software Company’s office used to be above this building and the only way people could communicate the address was by taking the Pulla Reddy Sweet shop name. I regularly used to buy sweets in that shop for every festival. The staff are well disciplined and take enough care in packing the sweets properly.

Pulla Reddy Sweets guarantee the quality and taste. They don’t leave anything for you to comment on !!!

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