Kingfisher Airlines – Review

I have recently traveled to and fro in Kingfisher Airlines and the experience has been slightly unsatisfactory. Mainly because of the expectations that were set by my pals who used to regard it as the best Airline service in India. Soon after taking the flight I realized that the acquisition bug has certainly brought down the standards of this esteemed company. It was not that bad experience either. The main problem was that it was not much different from any other Airline Service.

Two things that were in my mind when I boarded the flight were the ear phones that they would give for free and of course the pretty Air Hostesses. I was totally put down as the free ear phones were not offered to us and coming to the second one I was partially satisfied. It is a clever decision of the management to use one Angel kinda Air Hostess and an Average looking Air Hostess in a flight because in India there’s always scarcity of the former resources. Regarding the Angel, one would definitely appreciate the taste of Vijay Malya for his eye for beauty. He proudly declares often that each one of them is hand picked by him and as always he lives up to his standards. One important and odd thing that I have observed in the early morning return flight was that, even at the odd time of 5:30 AM these poor Air Hostesses were with so much make up that one would wonder how much trauma they would be under going while putting it up at such odd hours.

OK, too much about the beauty and regarding the other items, we were offered vegetable biryani or some thing kind of on 9 PM flight and in 6:00 AM flight it was Idly, Sambar. The former was pathetic and the latter I didn’t dare to take as it was too early for break fast. The flights were also pretty old ones with less Kingfisher marks. I also anticipated that there would be King Fisher calendar collections as magazines but Malya didn’t put them either. In fact there was lot of emphasis on getting customers for some Gold Membership.

Finally I didn’t want to leave the flight without a complimentary gift from the flight and so when the Air Hostess offered me to fill in the feed back form, I grabbed the opportunity to get hold of King Fisher brand pen and owned it. I repeated the same for the return flight.

So folks if you too have very high expectations on King Fisher Airlines, put them off asap and get in with an empty mind and you might enjoy their service.

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