Zinda Tilismath Unani Medicine – Review

I had been observing the Television Advertisement of Zinda Tilismath since my childhood but never tried it till last month. I’ve seen one of my friends carrying it every time and once inquired with him whether it works. He told me that he had been using it for a long time and the main reason for it being the smell of Zinda Tilismath. This drove my attention towards it. When I went to a Medical Shop to get some regular medicines for my parents I accidentally saw Zinda Tilismath and wanted to try it as it claims that it is the unani medicine which can resolve any medical problem. This actually sounds weird and interesting as even top pharmaceutical companies never dared to claim it.

Zinda Tilismath has a Trade Mark on it and has never re branded itself and has been following the same product style. I purchased it and when I saw the actual bottle I found it to be very funny. It has an unique design of an interesting small knob giving an impression of hukka. It is basically a very tiny bottle and one would feel like the medicine can be consumed in one go. But when you read the instructions to use you would surely be blown away as the directions to use speak only in terms of drops of the medicine. Like 4 drops of Zinda Tilismath if you have cold and 5 if you have cough etc. Another surprising thing about this medicine is that it can be used both internally and also externally.

In Hyderabad it is widely famous and I was thrilled to know that it is from the same manufacturers of Farooqui Danth Manjin, a black tooth powder which my Grand Father has been using it when he shifted to tooth powder and has been strongly recommending it.

I did try this medicine when I had cough recently and frankly speaking I could not make out easily whether it was working for me. But definitely the taste with water and the unique smell it has is worth experiencing. If you have already tried Farooqui Danth Manjin you would find lot of similarities and even feel like eating/consuming the tooth powder. The prime ingredient of this medicine is Neelagiri leaves and the best thing about it is, it doesn’t have any side effects.

The tiny bottle is priced at Rs 20/- and it doesn’t get completed soon and there’s no risk of spilling out the precious drops as the hukka type design is well structured.

It is even sent by couriers to people residing outside the state. Such is its demand. If you frequently have cold/cough you could give it a try. Worth trying for sure !!!


  1. Good Day to all,

    Zinda Tilismath was a unique medicine once for almost external and few internal health problems, like cold, cough, Fever, tooth ache, stomach ache etc.

    And Farooqui Manjan ofcourse for teeth problems, cleaning and to stop bad odour from mouth.

    The power what these above had earlier is no more in them now a days.
    People using them from decades could witness and confirm me.
    I had been using it for the last 35 years as the days passing the effect in them fading day by day.

    For your information users almost turned to toothpastes ( Medicate) .
    Hence there is no complaints from them almost

    I request the authorities to reinstate the image and build sales in and abroad India this is the need of the people.


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